His Love Endures Forever

Psalm 136 is a brilliant, beautiful peace of praise to God for all that he is. I certainly don’t mean to add to or change it, so I’ll just ask you to think of the one thing that burdens you right now – the one thing that hurts your heart most. And add to it, “His love endures forever”.

There is hope there – not “I hope”, but HOPE. A promise. His love endures forever. It’ll still be there when our debt is paid off, when we heal from our illness, when we mourn the loss of our loved ones – when we ourselves leave this earth. His love endures forever. Praise God!


2 thoughts on “His Love Endures Forever

  1. Hello, I was recently at barfly for Bethany cox and I believe u performed as well. Do u have an email address? I took some pics I thought u might like to have 🙂 thanks and have a good night 🙂

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