Put It Into Practice……

So I must confess, I’ve been a bit agitated with people lately. Entitlement. it drives me nuts. I can’t stand it! And then i start to complain, as if I’m entitled to not be around people who are entitled……. I quickly become the very thing I loathe……

Example – today, I was complaining to my daughter about people who drive as if nobody else is on the road. This went on for a while, and then she started in about people who complain about this and that – and suddenly I was aware that I was encouraging this very behavior in her! Nice dad!

So today, God slapped me in the face with this. I was at Subway, and was blessed with the opportunity to witness entitlement at it’s best. There was one lady who was ordering, and jumped on a call in the middle of her order. So everyone is waiting on her. The lady after her was pissed, so they started taking her order. Then – the lady on the phone got mad cause she was being leap-frogged – and you see how it goes on and on. Both women felt they were entitled to service NOW. Neither cared about the other, or anyone else in line.

I don’t mentioned these ladies and their behavior to villify them. No – they are examples of US. At least me. That is exactly what goes on in my heart at times, when I’m wronged. So on the outside, I may “bless those who curse”. But in private, in my heart I’m cursing them. And what is in my heart comes out, as I saw today by what I was showing to my daughter…….

Anyway – an example of the very opposite of this was the guys behind the counter at Subway. All smiles. Wonderful. A shining example of blessing those who curse you. All in the middle of this argument going on with the ladies. God used them to show me not only how to behave towards others – but how my heart should be. I’m a work in progress, thank God he’s the potter and I’m just the clay.

After getting my food, which involved a lovely exchange with the guys behind the counter, I was presented with this verse from Philippians 4:9:

“Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”

Notice Paul doesn’t end it with “whatever you learned from me”. He adds “whatever you have SEEN IN ME”. Are we really being examples, or just spouting words? As a teacher, as a parent, am I SHOWING what I’m saying?

I called my daughter and apologized for my behavior. I’m sure she thinks I’m weird for that – but it was wrong, and I’m thankful the Lord will not stand for it in me.


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