She Never Saw It Coming, Part Deux

I promised I’d retell the events leading up to my re-engagement with Ms. P. Frank – so here it is!

I’ll first lay a little foundation – a “getting to know you”, if you will. Phyliss and I have been dating for about five and a half years – longer than I’ve been a Christian. We’ve been through several struggles, and several very high moments – one of them being my salvation, in which she was used by God to orchestrate – how cool!

So – P. and I got engaged about three years ago. But it was really an engagement in words only. We never really move it forward. Neither of us was ready to be married again, or really knew what it meant to be a husband and wife, to honor God with our marriage. So – it never came to be. And we fell completely apart a couple times in the process.

Recently, My Sweet P. knocked some much needed sense into me, after God knocked some much needed sense into her – and we decided we’ll give this a go for real. But – how does one re-do an engagement? I mean – the PROPOSAL!!!! I did it pretty cool last time, and thought I’d never be able to top that…..

Oh, was I wrong……

This time around, I had it on my heart to ask her parents for permission to marry their beautiful daughter. That is something I should have done the first time around, but didn’t. In the past – I’m doin’ it right this time!

In the process of arranging that, somehow I devised this plan to have her dad give her a gift, with the ring box in it – I knew she’d recognize the ring box, and know it was from me. I also knew she’d NEVER suspect something like this, let alone I’d ask her parents for permission. And I know how she loves surprises.

So – with a lot of help from her daughter Becky, we laid the plan out. I called her parents and humbly asked for permission – which they graciously granted. We planned this for Christmas day, when P. and I were planned to NOT be together (she being at her parent’s I at my mama’s). Becky got us walkie-talkies, so we could coordinate everything. And there was the gift. And there was the ring. And there was a very mushy love letter. And there was ALL of her family there to witness…..

So – cut to THE day. Everyone shows up at the farm (Phyliss’ parents house), and the only ones who know I’ll show up are P’s kids and parents. So I’m waiting with my kids at the end of the driveway, for my opportunity to come in – AFTER the gift is opened, and the mushy love letter is read. And this ended up being a surprise for EVERYONE!

And she did say YES!!! And we are getting married in June! And I will cherish her all the days of my life, as Christ loves his church.

I did get to see the video, and it’s quite beautiful seeing my Sweet P’s face as she’s reading the mushy love letter, with tears in her eyes – only to see the utter surprise on her face as I walk in the door….. And the longest embrace, which must be awkward to everyone in the room besides P and me. 🙂

I love you Sweet P. I cannot wait until you and I are married!


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