Sola Scriptura?

I have to admit, before my buddy Brian brought up the five solas, I’d never heard of them (I told you he was smarter than I, right?). Now, Brian and I are going to venture in to a “joint blog/podcast/videocast” sort of thing, and Brian wanted so badly to call it “Sola Christo”. I balked, not because I don’t like the idea of Christ alone. But the name just made me think of something else. So we kept looking.

Anywhoo – on to Sola Scriptura. As I was reading Brian’s post about the five solas (you can read it too here ), I thought to myself “oh, that’s kinda cool”.  Still don’t want to use the name, Brian, sorry.  🙂

Then a debate ensued over Sola Scriptura, and whether or not that can be true.  Can God’s Word be the only source?  What about apostolic tradition? 

I firmly believe that, while other sources can be valuable (such as apostolic tradition), we hold God’s Word as our sole source of authority.  We measure all else up (even tradition) against His word, and if it doesn’t match it should be thrown out.

Or – do I???  Do I really live my life that way?  As I look at decisions I make, at how I think of others, look at others, JUDGE others, act or react in a given situation -am I REALLY holding God’s Word up as my sole source of truth, and then being obedient to that truth?  I must confess, I don’t…..

I do believe, Lord, help me to overcome my unbelief!


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