The Fool Says In His Heart…..

Psalm 53 states, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God'”. How appropriate……

At first glance, this sounds like God is calling all those who do not believe in God a fool. And, well, to be honest, he is. When you look at all of creation, the wonder of this world, this universe, human beings, how a baby is born, on and on – he’s stating “HOW can you question my existence??? I’m right here, knocking. Why do you choose not to acknowledge me???”

But there is more. It states, “The fool says in his heart….”. So – I believe in God. I know my Savior Jesus Christ, and through him I have an intimate relationship with God. Yet I so often live my life as if he doesn’t exisit…. I pray, then go move, often in a direction he wouldn’t have me take, because I didn’t wait on him. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t believe in him. I say from my mouth “Of course there is a God!”, but I say in my heart “There is no God”…… What a fool I am……

And how often do we knowingly do that which grieves our Lord? As if he doesn’t see, or we can sneak it past him. Slack off at work, he won’t mind. He doesn’t care about my work, he’s got bigger fish to fry. Download that song or movie illegally, I’m forgiven! What’s the big deal, everyone is doing it. Or – my sailor’s mouth….. How is that pleasing to God???

We should look at how the term “fool” is used in the Hebrew texts.  The term “Fool” is used in various ways throughout the Psalms and the Proverbs to denote someone who is morally deficiant.  The Hebrew word used in Psalm 53:1 is ‘na-val’, which means “foolish” or “senseless”.  That is a very good description of my heart, when I live as if God doesn’t exist – senseless, ridiculous, foolish.

Last night, I was reading in Numbers about the Israelites and how they were so willing to go back to Egypt, even after seeing God part the Red Sea, being fed by him daily, seeing his glory come down on the mountain, following a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, and even arriving at the land God promised to them – a land flowing with milk and honey.  They were in the presence of the Lord – and yet they wanted to badly to go back to their old lives of slavery, they were willing to usurp Moses and Aaron, and find another leader who would take them back.  Take them AWAY from God and his desires for them (plans to prosper them, and not to harm them), and go right back to the lives of bondage.  How stupid!  how foolish!  How often do I do that daily, as I desire to return to my old life of sin……..

Lord, I can be a fool so often.  I love you, yet I can so easily wander, turn away from you to things of this world.  I thank you for your word, which convicts me, guides me, rebukes me, teaches me.  I thank you for your Holy Spirit that is in me, guiding me and keeping me on a straight path.  I thank you that you love me so much that you will not accept me living the old life – that you are makine me to shed that and live anew in Christ Jesus.  I thank you that you will complete the work you began in me through your son.  I will praise your name with my lips and in my heart!


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