Have You Thought About What You Are Doing For Cinco De Mayo???

I know May the 5th seems like a ways out there – but really, it’s right around the corner! I mean – we can see GRASS here in Minnesota for the love!

So – what is the big deal about May 5th, you ask? Well, besides the fact that it’s Cinco De Mayo (hey, by the way did you know cinco de mayo means 5th of May??? Amazing….), I’m playing another really cool show at a really cool venue. Or – I’m playing a show at a venue anyway.

May 5th at Station 4 in St. Paul. You can get all the detail and buy tickets here:


And – it’s a 16+ show!  So if you are 16+ you can come!  How cool is that!

AND – If you buy your tickets now, you can get a $3 discount!!!!  Yep, THREE WHOLE DOLLARS!!!  That’s even cooler!

But you need to purchase soon to get the cool discount – that expires April 6th.  Sorry, I can’t budge on that.  I don’t make the rules, I don’t even enforce them.  I just pass them on.

So – go to the web site BEFORE APRIL 6TH, and use the promo code TED321 .  While I can sell you the ticket directly, I cannot give you the discount.  You’ll have to order online for that.  Don’t worry though – it’s all secure, and they won’t take your money and buy lunch, forgetting completely that they got the money from you, leaving you at the door having to buy another ticket (Sorry Mike, I promise I’ll make it up to you…..).

I’m excited about this show, and I’m exited that you are coming, and I’m excited that you are going to order your tickets in advance, and I’m exited that you will be saving money that you can use to buy something important or cool or fun or nifty or swell!

God bless you, and we’ll see you Cinco de Mayo!


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