Come See Me Play!!!

One week from this Thursday!  Station 4 in St. Paul is the place.  May 5th (Or Cinco De Mayo, for those so inclined) is the date.  There is music to be made, and festivities to be had.  I think it’d be swell if you came out.  I think you would think it’s swell too.  And I think it’s swell that you would think as such.  Isn’t that just dandy!

Get your tickets now!  Click this link here:

Yes, that link right up there.  Or – come see me and I’ll hook ya up.  Or – get your tickets at the door.  Whatever suits your fancy, Nancy.

K – see you in a week!


Oh – and here’s my new song.  I might play it next week, you just never ever ever know…..


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