Who Cares?????


Obama produced his birth certificate.  Finally.  All I can say is – WHO CARES????

This entire thing has been a show – one big, ridiculous, stupid, annoying show, to please us or keep us pre-occupied with worthless, unimportant crap.  And I want to ask, in all sincerity and with all due respect – I really do not mean to offend anyone – but really, are you going to get hung up on things such as this birth certificate, when there are SO MANY things more important?  Especially given that it does exist, as we now see in print?  And I’ll ask this too – if this were a Republican, would you have persued it as much – even if only in your heart or in “small talk”?

Please don’t respond to this post.  And please don’t think this doesn’t apply to Dems too – my point is this.  Let’s stop all this crap about lefties/liberals/pinkos/commies and conservatives/bible-thumpers/”religious right”/teabaggers.  Let’s stop throwing stones at each other, and look at what WE are doing, or not doing, to better our families, our neighborhoods, our state and country.

This does not at all mean we drop what we stand for – or even that we shouldn’t argue our point.  If you truly care about something, you may have to fight for it.  That makes sense.  But do we really need to sling mud?  How old are we????

To my “conservative” friends – “What would Jesus do?”  Ask yourself that, and stop and think about it.

To my “liberal” friends – if the other side is intolerant, how intolerant are you, by doing the same thing or thinking they are the devil?  If you don’t like how someone treats you, how is it at all justifiable to treat them in kind?  Ask yourself that, and stop and think about it.

True debate should be civil – unfortunately, I don’t see that happen too often in electronic form.  It’s too easy to hide behind our screens.  I’m guilty of that myself, so where I may sound like I’m being self-righteous here, I’m not.  I’m being an idiot too.  I’m sorry for that, and I’ll work to be better about it.  I care about you, not all that other crap we maybe can’t agree about.

So the birth certificate is out now – can we put this to rest, or is it going to be fodder for more stupid news stories and more reasons for the left to attack the right for being so childish in how they attack Obama, and the right to attack the left in being so childish in how they defend Obama (or reverse that statement and replace Obama with Bush/Palin/place your fav Republican here)?  Really – WHO CARES?????

K – off my soap box now.  Have a blessed day!