Who Is Jesus to You…..

Last night, I had the privelege of speaking to a confirmation class, for a good friend of mine. He is a shepherd for some of the 8th grade boys, and they have spent the bulk of the year talking about how faith in God doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice fun and joy in your life.  They’ve been working on showing the kids that the world’s distorted idea of fun is not necessarily fun.  Which is why I was asked to come in and tell my story – my buddy told the leaders all about me and how I had lived in the world, being conformed to the world’s idea of what fun was.

So I get this cool opportunity to speak to a bunch of teenagers.  What do you say to teenagers????  How am I going to get on their level????

And God told me “don’t TRY to get on their level.  It’s not about you anyway”.  And He said “Ask them ‘who is Jesus to you?'”.

And so I did.  I revolved my story around this one question- “Who is Jesus to you”.

Two amazing things happened through this process.  First, I was challenged with this myself.  Who is Jesus to me?  I mean that in this way – how am I living, based on who Jesus is to me?  And the hard reality is that since I am part of the bride of Christ for all intents, I’m living as an adulterer.  A whore, if you will…..  And I got to thinking about how that would feel, to be the bridegroom of a whore.  It curdles my blood just thinking of it…..  So why would treat THE lover of my soul, my Lord and King, this way?  Things need to change in my life………

That sounds negative – but it’s really a wonderful thing!  I love it when I am challenged in my life.  I love it when the Lord reveals to me those things that grieve him.  It’s never in a condemning way (although the enemy will always try to twist it – and the “whore” part was from me, and my painting a picture of how disrepectful I am to one I love so dearly).  It’s always out of love, and always for my best interest.  And more important – for the best interest of others.  And most important – for his glory!

The other really cool thing was in speaking with Barb, who leads the confirmation group, after my talk.  The one thing she didn’t tell me was that she had been leaving a nugget with the kids and their parents, to discuss and pray over the summer about – “Who is Jesus to you?”.  EXACTLY what the Lord had put on my heart to speak with the kids about!  How cool is that!

I just recieved an email from Barb, which brightened my day, gave me huge goosebumps and makes me so glad that God is working in and through these kids.  I hope it’s ok that I share it here.  It’s definitely an answer to prayer, and I’m thrilled that even one of these kids is taking this very question to heart.  ”  Who is Jesus to you?”

I pray you do as well.  God bless you!


Dear Ted,

Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your story with us last night.  I heard from one  of the moms this am that her son, who never talks, came home and told her everything you had said…  She was thrilled!  Thank you for being a living example of following Jesus.  You are welcome to join us anytime!

Your sister in Christ,



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