Shut Down!!! What does it mean to you?

So the government shut down. I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me thinks they are all acting like children, taking their bat and going home. When they have a responsibility to do what they were elected to do. Part of me thinks we depend on them too much – and we’ll see how that affects so many people, nearly all of us to some degree. I worry when I hear about how it affects “me personally”, instead of how it affects the global community.

But I wonder – what things about the government shutting down, are real necessities in our lives, or really something we should depend on the government for? Not saying they SHOULDN’T be – even if I believe that on many things (I do), I realize that is not the case today, and it would be impossible to just change overnight. However, if you were to just look at it from a “eutopian perspective” for a bit, I’d to ask some questions.  Bear with me….

  • How does the government shutdown affect you directly?  Will this be like the end of the world, an inconvenience, or doesn’t really affect you (to your knowledge)?
  • Are any of the things you can think of, that affect you directly,  something we think the government SHOULD be involved in?  Are there alternatives?  If this were long-term, where would you go for an alternative?  Is this an opportunity to remove dependencies from government, where other facilities would better server needs, or we could take some responsibility ourselves?  (Not a politically charged statement – actually a question, and I’m inviting answers even if the answer is “no, there isn’t”)
  • I read one comment that linked government with community – I see that today, sadly, as somewhat of a reality.  But when did that happen?  How can we take our communities back, so government and community are not one and the same?  Or am I the only one saddened by those two entities seemingly being so tightly knit?
  • Any thoughts on the fact that this happened this year, when it’ll be fresh in our minds for elections next year, but NOT next year, when we are heavy in election season?  I know I’m getting into conspiracy theory, so forgive me.  I’m sure there are other factors involved.  But I find it funny that my suspicion this would never happen during elections is probably true – they’d find a way to chug along…….
  • Can someone list for me, of government employees, who is and who isn’t getting paid during this shutdown?

No doubt something like this will spark much discussion, debate, argument.  No doubt it will hit home more for some than others.  No doubt some will be emotionally impacted.  How can we help in these types of situations?  We have an opportunity to step up, in some areas at least.  Will we?  Can we show the government, at least in some areas, “we don’t need you”?  Or will this be more of a “man, I can’t live without you government!  Please come back!”?

I know the approach I’m taking here is really simple, where things are much more complex.  But I’d ask that we just separate many things, instead of lumping them all together.  What, if anything, can we do while this shutdown is in effect.  And what, if anything, can we consider not being dependent on government for in our lives?  And lastly – what, if anything, can we do to help others who might be greatly affected by this shutdown?  Or do we really think community and government are one and the same?


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