Re-Post – “WE WIN!!”

I dug up some of my old blogs from a year or two ago. As they are like journal entries, that everyone could see, I thought it was kinda cool to read some of them – and kind of difficult to read others….

Still – I thought it might be cool to share some with you here. Enjoy!

WE WIN!! – Originally posted October 14, 2008

A few weeks back, I was at church listening to a pastor preach on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, about the “armor of God”. If you don’t know it, read it (Eph. 6:10-18). I’ve loved this verse for quite some time, thanks to a good friend of mine who first brought it to my attention. But I’ve always thought of it as OUR battle with the enemy. This pastor shed a new light on it for me. It’s not OUR
battle. It’s HIS battle with Satan. And it’s already been won! What an exciting thing! We’re on the winning side! Let’s face it; we all like to be on the winning side.

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I loved them!  Mean Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Lynn Swann – the entire team. Loved ’em! Why? Because they were the best team in football. For years. I loved them because they were winners. I obviously wanted to be on the winning team. My love of the Steelers eventually faded away, as did their “dynasty”.

I don’t think I’m much different than most. We laud our football teams when they win, and quickly desert them when they lose (’98 Vikings anyone? I’m not saying it wasn’t deserved, or that we did anything wrong – just interesting how many Vikings car flags could be found on the streets of downtown Minneapolis after that loss….). We build up celebrities, and dump on them when they screw up. We do this with our politicians – and we’ll certainly rub it in your nose if our candidate wins the election in November and yours loses, won’t we? 🙂

We just like to be on the winning team! Well fellow believer – you ARE on the winning team. The only one that matters. All the others will fade away, or lose some day. But with Jesus, it’s everlasting! How exciting is that!

So – long diversion from the topic – sorry…. I’m back now.

K- If He already won for us – why do we need armor? Why the shield of faith, the belt of truth, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit? It’s already won! Very confusing…..

Not really. He did win. But someone hasn’t accepted the loss yet. satan does not give up easily. he simply will not concede. But he does know that he can’t defeat God head on. satan’s only recourse is to attack the Lord’s most prized possessions – us. And he does every day. At least in my case. Every day. And I am far from perfect. I’m broken. I’m weak. So the enemy can easily get his claws in to me. And THAT is why I need God’s armor!

But – what is His armor? What are we talking about here? It’s not something physical, obviously. It’s His word. It’s His faithfulness. It’s His will. We need to put this on every day – And I often find I need to put it on several times a day. 🙂 – But once we have it on? Once we have the sword of the Spirit, then what? We STAND. We don’t have to fight – remember it’s already been won!
We simply stand. Stand in His protection. I like that a lot, personally. This pastor I referred to pointed this out to me a few weeks ago – and it has helped me comprehend this so much more than I thought I could.

He mentioned that when we try to “fight” or actually do something to defeat satan – we’re not putting our faith in our Savior at that point. We’re trying to take the enemy on by ourselves. And by ourselves, we will surely lose. I don’t mean he’ll physically defeat us or injure us. I mean spiritually.  It’s in these times, when we let our human egos take control, that we give in to the enemy’s temptations. And as we do this, we feel guilt. And when we feel guilt, we tend to hide from God. And when we hide from God, we are in the dark.  And the enemy preys on this. And we give in even more to his temptations. And the downward spiral continues.

But when we STAND – knowing the battle has already been won – we don’t have to feel like we have to do anything. It’s been won! We are under God’s protective shield. And the enemy cannot penetrate that! What an incredible thing! Praise God! We are on the winning side!

But what if you don’t believe, or are skeptical? I by no means want to rub it in your face, like I might if my football team beat yours. This is not some “bet”, and I won. I didn’t win anything. Remember – Jesus won, not me. And I want you on His side with me. And more than that – HE wants you on His side. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. See, you may not be sure you believe in God – or maybe you don’t believe in Him. But know that He believes in you. Even “the hairs on your head are numbered” (Luke 12:17). He sent His own son, to die for us! Even though we cheered at His crucifixion. Even though we are not worthy – and I’m not judging you, I’m right there with you my friend – it’s His desire that we all have eternal life. We just have to believe. And put on the armor of God to protect us from the enemy.

Friends, I certainly don’t mean to offend you with this post. Don’t take it that way. But if it does – I pray that it makes you think about it a little. Or – you may want to confront me on this personally. I would encourage that, and would love to discuss face to face with you. I am by no means an expert – I don’t even pretend to be that smart! But I would encourage a conversation that might spawn some thought on this topic – who knows how God may use that! And I will pray. That is all I can do – but that is huge.  Because the One I am praying to is faithful. And He’s already won!


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