Christopher Hitchens….

When you watch this video, or parts of this interview, what goes through your mind?

Some may think Mr. Hitchens is a genius.  I don’t know about that – but he’s certainly very intelligent, and very well spoken.

Some may think he’s cooler than cool.  I must confess his accent, his delivery of answers or challenging questions, his drink (is that some expensive bourbon in his glass?  Or just diet coke?  Even so – look how he holds the galss – he’s just cool!), his demeaner, all impress me.  I love how he gives direct, unwavering answers.  I don’t like some of the ways he attacks people he debates, or some of of his arrogance – though in fairness, I don’t like how those on the other side of the fence do the same thing…. – but I have found that many times he is quite courteous and kind, even to those he completely disagrees with.  And I kinda think he’s cool.

Some may think he’s the devil incarnate, and take joy (as the person quoted in this interview) with his illness, saying that it’s “God’s revenge”….  This quite honestly saddens me…..  Not because I agree with Mr. Hitchens in any way – I don’t.  Not because he doesn’t deserve death – as sinners, we all deserved it, and it’s only by the blood of Jesus that we are saved. We must not forget that – and we must not forget that we were all once right where Mr. Hitchens is.  But because when we look at this gentleman in any way but the way in which God looks at him – as his child whom he loves beyond measure, and desires nothing more than the prodigal son return to his Father – my heart breaks…..

Christopher Hitchens, along with Dawkins, Harris, and virtually every atheist and/or agnostic, claim they want evidence that God exisits (If they even care – but that’s another topic).  I will ask – are WE evidence that God exisits?  That Jesus walked the earth?  That Jesus died for our sins?  That we as Christians are following what Jesus commanded when he said “As I have loved you, so must love one another.  By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” ?

By the way – that question is not directed at non-believers.  It’s directed at believers.  At myself even.  Am I evidence that Christ is alive in me?  Am I living my life knowing the truth that has set me free,?  Am I loving much, remembering I have been forgiven much?

Am I looking at someone like Christopher Hitchens with compassion?  Actually FEELING his pain, crying out to God for his comfort, his healing, his soul?  Or am I looking at him as “the enemy”?  Maybe even thining the world will be better once he is silenced?

(I don’t think that by the way.  I believe voices like Hitchens have done much to further my faith.  But that is another topic for another post).

Paul says in Ephesians: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  He’s saying that our enemy isn’t flesh and blood – it’s NOT human beings, whether they know Jesus or not.  That means Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, Phelps, Bush, Obama – not our enemy.  So we are wasting our time when we direct our negative attention at them.  And we are wasting opportunies to be a light in this dark world.  I apologize for every time I’ve been a judgemental, religious, self-righteous d-bag.  For every time I’ve looked at anyone with my own eyes instead of through God’s lense.  For every time I’ve been combative, argumentative, or even entertained controversy, when instead I should be sharing truth and good news in love.  And for every time I neglected to share at all, out of fear of rejection…….  And – for every time I neglected to pray for the lost, because I’m too busy, too lazy, too self-centered……..  Life is truly more important that my horrible opinions of someone.


2 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens….

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