Peace Is Here

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this Thanksgiving thing to be over! 🙂

I love Christmas time. I love it so much, that I recorded some Christmas songs when it was still summer. I’m weird, I know.

But I didn’t want to just throw them at you. Partly because it was summer – or early fall at least – and I know how sick you get of Christmas music, when it’s put on the shelves two American holidays early. But also because I don’t have to – I’m not in the business of making money with my music, so I have the freedom to give it away at an apprpriate time.

Now is that time. When our bellies are still over-full, and our minds are not quite again sharp. When we’re put off by all the Black Friday goings-on, or maybe excited by that loot we got while shopping. When we want to put the tree up, or maybe just sit down and relax.

Peace is here. Now. Not in a month. This time of year is exciting to me, because it reminds me of what hope is. Hope isn’t an “I wish” kind of hope. It’s anticipation of what we know will come. Peace is here.

So I wrote this song, maybe a Christmas song, maybe not. But it’s called “Peace Is Here”.

The second song – yes, I did two songs – is more of a light Christmas love song.  I wrote it a couple years back when wooing my wife.  She likes it, and maybe you will too.  It’s called “I Promise”.  Give it a listen.

Both songs were a complete joy to write and record. Remember, I love Christmas! I love Christmas music. These may not be the songs I have playing when we put up the tree (Maybe I’ll tell you about those – they are near and dear to my wife’s heart, and mine now as well), but maybe you will. Or not. Either way – I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you find joy this holiday season, maybe a kind of joy you never expected.

God bless you!


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