Fine Line Show!!! And More!!!

Hey all, hope you had the grandest holiday break!  Spring break maybe?  Either way – some exciting things I wanted to share with you, regarding my music.

First – I’m playing a solo acoustic gig at the Fine Line in Minneapolis.  You want to go.  This is a cool little venue, and I will be playing new and old songs, originals and covers.  Either way – it would be great to see you.

Monday, January 30th, 7:30 PM (that’s the time I start, so get there a bit before and say hello!)
I play about 45 minutes to an hour
Address is 318 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN  55401.  Your GPS should take you right there.  Parking is right next door, or ramps are a block or two away.
And the best part?  It’s FREE!!!!  Yep – no having to pay to endure an hour of my stuff.

There will be some other really cool folk acts, after I’m done.  So come on out and enjoy yourself.  Note – this is a 21+ show, so sorry if you are not 21+.  I’ll try and get a 21- show sometime in the near future.  But all your 21+ people, I’ll see you there!

Another cool item I wanted to share with you – I recently recorded some cool covers, as I’m putting together a sort of “lost songs” collection.  As part of it, I recorded a few covers of songs I’ve loved for a long time.  One of them is the Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me”, and another is Pete Droge’s “Lord Is Busy”.  Neither are praise or worship songs, but both, particularly the Who song, have spoken to me as a music lover.  And if you listen to the lyrics, it’s almost as if Pete Townsend (guitar maniac from the Who, and author of this gem) was crying out for something more.  Jesus, maybe?

Either way – here are the songs, for your listening pleasure:

I’ll be playing these songs on the 30th, so you can come knowing you’ll know a couple of them up front, if you download them early.  And – THESE ARE FREE TOO!!!!  How cool is that???  I am all about free, and if you are two, then this blog just made your day.  You’re so welcome!

So – to sum up – download my songs, and come see me play.  I’ll certainly harass you again before the show, as I always do.  God bless!



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