God Created Man In His Own Image…..

So God created man in his own image,    in the image of God he created him;    male and female he created them (Genesis 1:27).

God created us perfect.  Every aspect of our bodies, from our internal organs, to our muscles, to our minds, to our very form.  In his image.  It makes me wonder, how literal is that???  “In his image”….

But either way – he designed us perfectly.

Then why are we so distorted?  I look at my soft belly.  My lack of muscle tone, from soft living.  I’m tired.  I’m lethargic.  I don’t feel perfect……

But I am HIS perfection.  First, his perfect creation, even if I have distorted it.  Second – he’s begun and will complete a perfect work in me.  I have so much to be thankful for…..

Phyliss and I started a gym membership again, almost two months ago.  Since then, I’m still soft in the belly.  But I have some muscle tone again.  And I’m not as tired – I have so much more energy!  I certainly have a long way to go.

This time around, for me, is much different than in the past when I was on a “diet/excercie/hot up” kick.  In the past, it was always to try and “hot up”, to “get chicks”.  Even when I was preveiously married – it was to try and look good, to impress others, and who knows….  Thankfully, that never really worked.  I’m not proud of this, but I think I may have taken advantage of that, if the opportunity to have an affair came about.  I know that makes me sound bad.  I think it should – they certainly weren’t my proudest moments….  But the point is, it was always about my vanity.

So why, when I no longer was thinking so highly of myself, did I stop thinking about myself altogether?  And by that I mean neglecting my health.  My temple.  In essence, wasting that which God gave me.  Why?

God has pressed me in this area for a loooong time.  I can be stubborn, which really only makes things hard on me.  🙂  Ah, but God is so patient.  And persistent…..

So we finally got our gym memberships.  We did our homework, and tried to find the best deal.  Pretty much our membership is free, when you take into the account the money our insurance company kicks back if you actually USE the membership.  Which is a blessing.  We didn’t want to be sunk with some huge monthly gym bill.

So this time around, it’s not about me and my vanity.  I’m not on the hunt for women, or accolades.  This time, I am turning yet another area of my life over to Jesus.  I’m doing this to become healtier, and maintain that health.  Diet has naturally come into play here as well.  I’m not sure why, but it’s been easier to avoid the bag of chips, or the container of ice cream, since we started this endeavor.  That’s awesome!  God is so good!

I must confess, I’ve not been perfect.  I’ve “fallen”, with regards to the ocassional snack.  We decided we weren’t going to go on a “diet”, but instead try and avoid complete garbage as much as possible.  So this means we CAN have a treat every now and then.  However, there have been times when I’ve taken advantage of that, or found an occasion to “celebrate”.  Thankfully, it didn’t send me off the deep end, where I might go back to eating ice cream like it were breathing air, or worse – where I might quit going to the gym….

There have also been times when I haven’t wanted to continue going to the gym.  Thankfully, my wife encourages me, and I her when she struggles with this.  God certainly has given me a suitable helper!  And it’s fun to work out with her too!

So – we’ll see how this goes.  I have set some goals.  I have not set hard timelines on those goals, or expectations around them.  My biggest goal is to make sure I don’t wreck my physical body, so that I can be used however God may see fit.  From there – it’s all up to him.

But I wanted to leave you with this – I think it’s funny.  🙂


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