What WOULD Jesus Do???

Everybody seems to have their opinions on this one.  Some base them on scripture.  some don’t.  some use that scripture-based (or non-scripture-based) opinion, and distort it into something that suits their fancy, or makes them right.  some don’t.  Some use it to prove that Jesus was a democrat, or a socialist, or ultra-liberal.  Some to prove he was a republican, or a capitalist, or ultra-conservative.  Some don’t bother either way, politically, but have another agenda or opinion they want to try and prove.  Most often it’s extra-biblical (partially based on scripture, with our own little twist on it), or anti-biblical (“I didn’t read any of it myself, but my buddy’s uncle’s barber said so”).

Whatever it may be, we all seem to have our opinions on this one, and we’re often super excited to share them with each other.

What DID Jesus do?  that is more of importance, I think.  He already did it all – it’s already DONE.  I’m super excited about that one!