First, I’m going to apologize up front.  I’m doing one of those “proud papa” posts.  If that is not your flavor, you can skip this one.

After reading this thing over again, the word “Ambassador” hit me.  Pretty hard.  My son is declared an Ambassador for the city of Robbinsdale.

If you think about what that word means – pretty heavy stuff.  They are to whoever comes in to contact with them, ROBBINSDALE.  Or Minnesota, if you prefer.  Other kids might encounter these boys, the coaches, the fans – and get an impression of our city or state from that.  What kind of impression will they get?  I’m confident they’ll get quite a great one.  My son is in great company this trip – the coaches and kids are amazing, every one is someone I am very proud to say I know.

When we think of Christianity – can we always say the same?  Sadly, I would say “no”.  I don’t say that because of biblical beliefs that are stated, that set people afire with anger – real love will be offensive at times.  If you are married, have any family, you know what I mean.  Some times we need to hear the things we need to hear.  and often that will be offensive – “the truth hurts” is, well, TRUE, isn’t it?  🙂

Sharing the gospel with those who don’t want to hear it, but need to hear it, will be offensive too.  We can’t get away from that, and we should not shy away from that.  Though we do so often – I know I do…..

But when you look at what we as a “christian nation” are standing up for – I’m not seeing a lot of REAL sharing of the gospel.  We care more about winning a debate than sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  We care more about who is eating at a fast food restaraunt than we do who can’t eat today.  We are taking a very big, VERY personal issue such as sexuality and politicizing it – dehumanizing it.  God created sex, and it is very good.  Yes, it’s been distorted – has been in this world for ages, along with pretty much every other good thing God has given us.

Let me ask you this, my Christian friend – are you not distorting it even more, by relegating your stand for “biblical truth” to a voting booth, when you and I should be in the world, sharing his love and truth every day?  Are you not distorting family values by publicly speaking on “what you believe” about them (on Facebook, even…), but ignoring your children at home?  Are you not distorting even the term “love” when you can so easily tell someone what is wrong with them, when you perhaps don’t even know them?

That last sentence applies to everyone – myself included.  Stop with the hate speach, all of us.  And ALL of us – believers and non – are in the throws of it seemingly every fricken day….  Let’s get to know our neighbors, before we dig our fingers in their eye to get that speck of sawdust out……

But I digress – I didn’t start this post with the intent of getting negative.  I’m sorry if any of this offends.  If it does – ask yourself if what I am saying might be true of you.  Even so – I started this to rant about my son and his team.  I sort of derailed here.  🙂

Back to happy things.  I wrote the letter below to my son today.  I’m tickled pink at the tought of the experience he is going to have – and the opportunity he has to represent his city well.  I pray we would do the same with what we are given.

Dylan – Check out the attached picture!  We looked at this last night, the declaration from the mayor.  One thing I noticed on it, he declared you guys “Ambassadors of Robbinsdale”…….

 That means you are representing the city of Robbinsdale.  To the world right now (at least this tourney, hopefully more) you ARE Robbinsdale.

 I’m so proud of you Dylan, that you are able to be the face of a city for a few days or weeks.  I trust you will take this responsibility and privilege (Yes this is a huge privilege, and  HUGE responsibility) very serious.  I trust you will do us all proud, and people will walk away – no matter the outcome of the games – thinking “wow, those Robbinsdale boys are some pretty amazing young men”.  Dylan – do your part to represent very well, and encourage your brothers in arms (your team-mates) to do the same.  At all times.  I know you will – you’re a huge blessing from the Lord, to so many, and I’m praying for you and your team.

 I love you, with all my heart.  Gonna leave you with that, as your old man is starting to cry like a babbling brook….. 


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