Oh, Sweet Love!

I wrote this song, in response to a good friend of mine and his challenge to me.  See, lately I’ve been writing songs that expose my doubts, fears, failures, struggles.  Not to say “Poor me”.  Not to say “It’s ok to stay in your funk”.  More to say “I understand, my friend”.  More to expose some of the hypocracy in me.  Granted – some of it stemmed from my disdain for hyporcacy in others – but God showed me that which I’ve hated in others is in me……

But I digress.  This friend of mine heard me perform some of these songs – many of which will be on my upcoming record – and had a few words of encouragement for me.  I’m including here – hope that’s ok Mike….

Good job Ted it was fun. I had some thoughts during your show thought you might b interested.  But the picture I would like to see u holding a giants head i’n your hand while on stage. 

 Explanation, I listen to main stream Christian songs and you have a couple similar sounding as far as verbiage. Singing about your weakness and where your faltering on your walk and those are cool and needed.  Like skillet for instance a lot of my faith is failing and I suck songs speaking to people i’n there pits, again needed.  But one thing I have never heard is I have conquered, I have entered  the promised land I heard the word of God, followed and have tasted victories I’m not done yet but I have tasted victory I have slain giants.  

Food for thought i fig I’d stir your pot see what u think.

So – I’ve been wrestling with this since then (I think that was in January?).  I love Mike, and he has a lot of Godly wisdom which he has so gracefully shared with me over the last few years.  This however exposed to me that what I really am writing about is ME.

I haven’t written a lot of the “I have conquered” songs, because I haven’t conquered.  I’ve tried to conquer.  I fell down.  Over and over again….

But HE has conquered!  (Jesus, not Mike 🙂 ) – so why not write about him instead?

This is what came of it.  This and others.  Praise God that I AM a conqueror, that I AM righteous – because he traded HIS righteousness for my sin in that moment when he defeated death once and for all!

Freedom DOES exist.  Don’t resist…..

You can get the song for FREE, here.


Please share with whomever might need encouragement.  All my love, and may God bless you abundantly.



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