Thinking the Worst……

I hate how haters hate other haters, complaining about the hate of the hated hater, using hateful words.

I think we’re all guilty, aren’t we?  Maybe it’s just me, and I like to justify my hatred with “Well everyone’s doing it”, or “He started it!”

But I do very often think the worst.

Even about those I love most.

Even my wonderful wife!  I wonder how long she’ll be so graceful with me.  I haven’t hit that limit yet.  I don’t want to find out where it is – I’d rather not push her, instead love her….

Even with God!  Ever do that?  No?  Yeah, me neither…

Oh yes you have.  You HAVE thought the worst of God, when he didn’t “come through” when you needed him (Oh, he did, just not how you wanted him to);  when he took you to the woodshed; when he was faithful and just, when you wanted a waffling, happy-love God.

Or maybe that’s just me again.  I have.  I do.  Too many times.  I’m thankful HE is even more graceful than my wonderful wife…..  And I would rather not push him to his limits, even if his grace is limitless……

I don’t want to think the worst anymore.  About anyone.  I want to see the world as Jesus sees it.  This doesn’t mean “rose-colored”, “happy-hippy-love”, “it’s all good”.  But this certainly means I no longer have any enemies in this world – real or imagined.  My enemy is not flesh and blood – and he’s already been defeated.  So I would rather fix my eyes on Christ, the author and perfector of my faith.

And that is what I’m going to do, from here on out.  God help me to do this….  And help me to get back up, when I fall down doing this…..  Thank you for your grace…..  Thank you that you don’t think the worst of any man, that you so loved the world, that you sent your only begotten son that we who choose shall not perish but have eternal life.



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