CTRL-Z Song Review #6 – “Show Me your Glory”


Wilco.  I wanted to be Wilco when I wrote this song structure.

I actually wrote this something like 8 years ago.  The music.  Was part of an older song, from my old band the Moondogs.  I really liked the song structure, so I wrote new words to it.  I like it.  I hope you do too.

I have always been enthralled with Exodus 33, where Moses is pleading with God “If you don’t go, we don’t go”.  God assures him he will be with them.  Then Moses, so boldly, asked God, “Show me your glory”.

As if I could ask something like that!  Moses was – well – MOSES!  He was the man who led the Israelites out of Egypt!  Who turned a staff into a snake (Coolest picture in my kid bible)!  Who called upon the Lord time and again – talking directly with him!  His face GLOWED!!!  I’m just – me.  Nobody.  How could I expect to ask God a question like that???

Oh wait – Jesus…..

Yes, I have direct access to Jesus.  And thanks to Jesus the Son – to the Father.  Thanks to Jesus, I am made new, righteous, holy, perfect.  Yes, imperfect me.  Because of Jesus.  And imperfect you too, if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

And I can ask the Lord, “Show me your glory……”


Show Me Your Glory

Show me your glory
Show me your grace
I wanna go where you go
If you don’t go, I don’t
Lord, show me your face

Show me your wisdom
Show me your ways
I wanna walk where you walk
I wanna be a light to the dark
Lord, show me your face

I wanna go where you go
If you don’t go, I don’t
I wanna walk where you walk
I wanna be a light to the dark
I wanna love those you love
I wanna fix my eyes above
Lord, show me your face….

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God bless you!



CTRL-Z Song Review #5 – “Undo”


I don’t know how to explain this one.  A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll?

This song is based loosely on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11:

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders  nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.  And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

As I read this passage, it’s alarming that pretty much every person I know, myself included, fits in to one or more of the descriptions of people who will not inherit the kingdom of God.  Thanks be to Christ, because of him that is who we WERE.  We are no longer our sinful selves, as we’ve been made new in Christ.  Praise God!

It’s easy to forget that sometimes, very good to be reminded.

Funny side-story, sort of.  I was listening to this song in my car, my son in the passenger seat.  I neglected to turn it off before the curse word (sorry – I did use the “s” word in this one), and Dylan said “Dad!  I thought you were a Christian!”.  Hahaha!  I told him I was sorry, that I sometimes let my sailor mouth out,  that I was trying to capture what I really felt about some of my past, heck even some of my present when I choose to live in my flesh.  His answer is classic – “You could have said ‘full of IT'”.  🙂  Maybe in the remix……..


A thief….
A liar…..
A swindler and a cheat…
That’s who I was….
That’s who I was

Idolater, adulterer…
A prostitute, a whore….
That’s who I was…..
That’s who I was

A hater and a slander…
A murderer…..
A murder…..
That’s who I was…..
That’s who I was….

A hypocrite, so full of s**t….
A two-face no good fake….
That’s who I was….
That’s who I was….

That’s who I was….
No more….

Praise the One who paid my debt
And raise this life up from the dead

I surrender all….
I surrender all….
All to thee, my precious savior…
I surrender alll…

Lyrics by Ted Hajnasiewicz, Kritian Stanfill, Keith Routledge.

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God bless you!


CTRL-Z Song Review #4 – “Behold the Man!”


Jars of Clay.  I was trying to be Jars of Clay with the opening riff of this song.  I think I missed the mark, but that’s ok.  I love this song!

(I hope I don’t come off as arrogant, in saying I love the songs on my new record.  I just really love what came out of this project.  God is so good, to allow someone like me the ability to express praise, confusion, anger, doubt, praise, through the form of song.  That’s all)

This song came out heavy, and I sort of expected it to.  The chorus at the end – I dreamt of having a large choir sing that – as well as the last song, “Oh, Sweet Love!”.  But I never got that, having to instead dub tracks of myself being the psuedo-choir.

Eh – another day, another song.

This song starts out, as others, describing my failings.  But it ends praising the Lord Jesus Christ for his loving sacrifice, for his loving redemption.  Really – this song encompasses my confession and praise as best I could.  I like it a lot, for that very reason.  And the heavy guitar and bass ain’t so bad either.

If you listen closely with headphones on, as the instruments slowly begin to drop off, you can hear what sounds like someone dropping something.  I’m not sure who it is – but someone in my family made a guest appearance on the song, from upstairs.  🙂  I didn’t list them in credits, as I don’t know who dropped what.  Character – I like character.  🙂

Behold the Man!

With a betrayer’s kiss
I worship you with my lips
Sometimes I make me sick….
Sometimes I make me sick…

Forgive me, Lord, for I know not what I’m doing…..

I would die for you
Help me follow through….
What am I to do?
What am I do to, Lord?

Forgive me, Lord, for I know not what I’m doing….

Behold, the man!

By your wounds, I’m healed
Your mercy is revealed
Through your word I’m clean….
Through your word I’m clean….
I will sing…..
I will sing!


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God bless you!


CTRL-Z Song Review #3 – “Back To Egypt”


In keeping the ball rolling in psuedo name-dropping (Remember I mentioned Bonnie Raitt in my first song reivew, Tom Petty and the Foo’s in the last one), I’m going to talk a little bit about Paul Simon.  When this song started to bounce around in my head, I was envisioning Paul Simon doing it, with a room full of musicians each playing a cool instrument – mandolin, guitar, banjo, maraccas.  I didn’t so much see a dance troupe – but you get the picture.  I heard Paul Simon singing this song.

As with every other song, it likely sounds nothing like a Paul Simon song to you.  But that is still what I heard in my head.  Go figure….

I wrote this song for the most part in my head, without access to any instrument for days.  I was in California with my lovely bride and our dear friend Anne.  Anne took us to this really cool place where you can climb this big hill and overlook the ocean.  BEATUFUL, breath-taking scenery!

On our way up, we passed a ton of amazing houses – each bigger than the next as we came closer to the ocean.  One thing we noticed quickly was that nobody was there.  Not in their house, not in their yard – it was like a ghost town for rich people.  We talked about it, figured they must be in their summer homes (this was late May)…..

And I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  These HUGE houses – empty…….  And so many who have to struggle to get a bed at night, or a crumb to eat…..  Such a waste……

Now I am not sure that is actually what was going on – who knows, maybe there was some city festival.  I don’t know.  But I coudln’t get that thought out of my head.  And to take it furthrer – how much were WE putting our own comforts before those who have no comforts at all????

As we walked on, this song started to form in my head…..  “Tryin’ to make my own Eden, all the while I’m headin’ back to Egypt….”  The Paul Simon melody going on.  I wrote half the song in my head.

This song really talks to my struggle with accepting God’s will for me vs my desire for comfort and pleasure.  I’m just going to come out and say it – many times I wish I had never met the Lord.  I wish I was still lost in my sin, serving myself.  Life seems so much easier back then….  I know that’s not true – but that is something I wrestle with, often…..

So this song is really about that.  Putting my garbage out there again.  Praying God uses it, pulls me through it.  And he is…..  Praise the Lord!

Back To Egypt

Tryin’ to make my own Eden
All the while I’m headin’ back to Egypt
Hidin’ all my precious sin
All the while I worship with my lips….

Away from me, Lord…
I’m a sinful man…
Away from me, Lord…
This is not what I had planned….

You called me out on the water
If I take that step, who is it for?
Denied before the rooster calls
If I pick up my cross, how can I fall?

Away from me, Lord…
I’m a sinful man…
Away from me, Lord….
This is not what I had planned…..

Lord, let me go…..

I’ll build a fire
I’ll offer gifts
Don’t ask for my heart
Can’t let go of it….

I’m not your man, I’m not your man….

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God bless you!


CTRL-Z Song Review #2 – “My Brother’s Keeper”


I wrote this song last year, I don’t recall exactly when.  It orignally wasn’t such a “heavy” song.  I thought it might be more of a jangly, Tom Petty-type song.

Then I saw the Foo Fighters documentary last fall…….

Yeah, I tried to capture that type of sound.  Probably didn’t – I very often try and capture someone else’s sound, ending up sounding nothing like them.  But it did make this song much different than originally planned.

Now – the title.  That is something I had been kicking around for quite a while.  I have a friend who kept bringing it up, every time we talked.  The question asked of God, by Cain – “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The answer, of course, is YES!  Without a doubt, I am my brother’s keeper!  But am I being my brother’s keeper?  Hmmm……

And further – my flesh asks “Why am I my brother’s keeper????”  Why do I have to do it?  Why can’t someone else?  I’ve got my own problems.  If I help him, who’s gonna help me when I need it?  If I give my money away, what will I do when I need it????

Worry, toil, bury……

So the song ended up being a confession of my hypocracy.  If left to my own devices – and I’m not proud of this, not bragging – I’ll be a judgmental, self-righteous, self-centered, self-serving jerk.  A pharisee.

I just learned the pharisees in Jesus’ time were lay-persons, very religious, very ever seeking knowledge of and through God’s word.  I can relate.  I’m not a pastor.  I am a layman Christ follower.  But I, like most everyone, can tend to “puff myself up”, to exhault myself, from time to time.  Not something I’m proud of.  Something God wants me to change – just like he did the pharisees in Jesus’ time.  Why do you think he called them out all the time?  Not to publicly shame them – if you think Jesus’ M.O. was to humiliate any person, you might want to rethink how well you know Jesus.  He loved those pharisees as much s he did the other sinners.  Yes – the pharisees were sinners too (shock!) – the very persons he came to die for……

So praise God that THIS pharisee has been given a second chance.  And a third.  🙂

So – when you hear and read the lyrics – this is not me professing others do not matter, that I am holier than thou.  it’s me confessing the garbage that is in my heart.  Bringing it to the light, so satan cannot use it to harm me or others.  So God can be glorified.

I “think” it’s a catchy song too – I dunno.  Maybe you agree?

My Brother’s Keeper

Ain’t it a shame, you never knew
I’m prayin’ for you
But don’t get to close, I can’t abide
You’re not on my side
You beat your breast and cry out….
You think he hears?

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

Pass me the plate, watch me donate
I’m feelin’ good today
Better than you, you seem to come unglued
I’m prayin’ for you….
Never mind my plank, you seem to have a speck….

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

Hurry along, I don’t have time for this
I’m so glad I don’t deal with your sin
It’s not like God would give you something I’d miss
Wait – what did I miss?

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

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God bless you!


CTRL-Z Song Review #1 – “Nothing I Can Do will Make You Love Me”


You know that song by Bonnie Raitt, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”?  Yeah – I love that song…..  I wasn’t intentionally trying to steal that.  I dont’ think it sounds like it, really – Bonnie’s song is so haunting, sad, beautiful.  But that title always stuck in my head and heart.  “I can’t make you love me”……  Something we all feel, when we have our heart broken by someone, when love doesn’t “turn out how we thought”……  It is a painful thing……

The thing is – nothing we do should make ANYONE love us.  Conditional love isn’t love at all.  And God doesn’t love us conditionally.  Nothing I can do will make him love me.  And praise God, he loves me!

So – this title came into my head one day.  Then the melody.  I sat there playing my guitar, singing this over and over and over.  That line alone is probably the purest form of worship I have to offer…..  “Nothing I can do will make you love me…..  Still you love me……”

As I mentioned yesterday,  I’m going to write a little something about each song, sort of tell my story, if you will, through my new record, CTRL-Z.  As this is the first song on the record, I’ll start here.  Or – maybe I did already…..  🙂

I put this song first, because overall I want to make this record not a tale of my salvation, my coming to know the Lord.  It’s more the battle between the flesh and the spirit – my will giving in to his.  I don’t know about you, but that didn’t just happen for me.  It’s been, and still is, a struggle.

So I wanted to start it off with the truth.  I am unlovable.  Broken.  Tainted.  Selfish.  Dirty.  In spite of all that I am LOVED.  Deeply loved.  So much so, he sent his only begotten son to die for ME.  And you.  Whosoever chooses – recieves this gift offered freely – has eternal life.  Now.  With the one who loves you most……

But it’s not something I did that made him love me.  I accepted his gift, and through this I have eternal life with him.  But his love was there first.  The very reason Jesus came to die.  For me…..

And for you…..

Nothing I Can Do Will Make You Love Me

Nothing I can do will make you love me….
Still you love me…..

You call me child….
You call me friend….
I am justified by your blood….
I belong to you…
I’m not my own….
Paid for and redeemed by your blood….

Every time I try to make my own way….
Turning to the right or left, I can hear you say…

“Wait child….
Return child…..
I know you’re weak and weary….
I will give you rest….”

Nothing I can do will make you love me….
Still you love me…..

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God bless you!


New Record, “CTRL-Z”


The link above, and the picture beside, are from my very new record!  It’s called “CTRL-Z”, which is the keystroke on a PC for “undo”.  Sorry MAC users, I’m not sure I remember what the keystroke is for you.  I’m working on a MAC translation of this album, will let you know as soon as it’s available.  In the meantime, you can still listen to this one on a MAC, or a PC, on CD, on iPod/iPhone/IWhat-have-you – and for FREE!

Yep – by clicking on the above-mentioned link that is above, you will be whisked away, via the interwebs, to a location where you can download my new record, in its entirety, FOR FREE!!!  That’s how I roll……

I’m very proud of this new work.  It’s short, sweet, maybe not always sweet….  But honest.  It is a sort of “concept” record, in that I am detailing my wrestling with God, my faith, or lack-there-of, my failures, my being unwilling to give up – MYSELF.  And ultimately, giving up myself, for his glory, trusting in my Lord and Savior, who is ever faithful.

Some songs are lyrically opposed to what you hear on a typical “Chrisitan rock record”.  So when you hear songs like “My Brother’s Keeper”, “Undo”, “Back to Egypt”, please don’t be alarmed.  I’m not off the deep end – I’m just exposing that part of my heart that is still rebellious.  Just being honest.  Keepin’ it real, yo.

That last part wasn’t real – I don’t say “keepin’ it real”, or “yo”.  Thought it might fit, or sound cool.  It doesn’t fit.  Nor does it sound cool.  Yet I’m not deleting it.  I don’t know why….  sorry…..

Hopefully, the songs will resonate with you in some way.  It’s ok to have doubts.  It’s ok to wrestle with God, if that is what is going on.  It’s better to be honest with him – he already knows!  Yes, you are sinning in your disobedience.  But it’s a worse sin to try and hide it, and you’ll keep separating yourself from him in the process.  Could just be me, but I think it’s best to be real, raw, honest with the Lord.

Anywhoo – I plan to write little blurbs about each song, over the new few days or weeks.  Keep an eye out for them, as I would love to ‘splain what was going on in my head at the time I wrote these songs.  I do believe they are all gifts from God.  To me anyway – what I did with what he gave me, may not necessarily be a gift for you.  But again – FREE!

Hope you enjoy.  Much love, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.


p.s. – As the link is above, so it is below….