New Record, “CTRL-Z”

The link above, and the picture beside, are from my very new record!  It’s called “CTRL-Z”, which is the keystroke on a PC for “undo”.  Sorry MAC users, I’m not sure I remember what the keystroke is for you.  I’m working on a MAC translation of this album, will let you know as soon as it’s available.  In the meantime, you can still listen to this one on a MAC, or a PC, on CD, on iPod/iPhone/IWhat-have-you – and for FREE!

Yep – by clicking on the above-mentioned link that is above, you will be whisked away, via the interwebs, to a location where you can download my new record, in its entirety, FOR FREE!!!  That’s how I roll……

I’m very proud of this new work.  It’s short, sweet, maybe not always sweet….  But honest.  It is a sort of “concept” record, in that I am detailing my wrestling with God, my faith, or lack-there-of, my failures, my being unwilling to give up – MYSELF.  And ultimately, giving up myself, for his glory, trusting in my Lord and Savior, who is ever faithful.

Some songs are lyrically opposed to what you hear on a typical “Chrisitan rock record”.  So when you hear songs like “My Brother’s Keeper”, “Undo”, “Back to Egypt”, please don’t be alarmed.  I’m not off the deep end – I’m just exposing that part of my heart that is still rebellious.  Just being honest.  Keepin’ it real, yo.

That last part wasn’t real – I don’t say “keepin’ it real”, or “yo”.  Thought it might fit, or sound cool.  It doesn’t fit.  Nor does it sound cool.  Yet I’m not deleting it.  I don’t know why….  sorry…..

Hopefully, the songs will resonate with you in some way.  It’s ok to have doubts.  It’s ok to wrestle with God, if that is what is going on.  It’s better to be honest with him – he already knows!  Yes, you are sinning in your disobedience.  But it’s a worse sin to try and hide it, and you’ll keep separating yourself from him in the process.  Could just be me, but I think it’s best to be real, raw, honest with the Lord.

Anywhoo – I plan to write little blurbs about each song, over the new few days or weeks.  Keep an eye out for them, as I would love to ‘splain what was going on in my head at the time I wrote these songs.  I do believe they are all gifts from God.  To me anyway – what I did with what he gave me, may not necessarily be a gift for you.  But again – FREE!

Hope you enjoy.  Much love, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.


p.s. – As the link is above, so it is below….


2 thoughts on “New Record, “CTRL-Z”

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  2. Thank you for your thoughtful present of having written this article. The message seems to be given to me specifically. Our son also had a lot to learn from this – though he was the individual that found your site first. Most of us can’t imagine a more superb present than a gift to encourage that you do more.

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