CTRL-Z Song Review #1 – “Nothing I Can Do will Make You Love Me”


You know that song by Bonnie Raitt, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”?  Yeah – I love that song…..  I wasn’t intentionally trying to steal that.  I dont’ think it sounds like it, really – Bonnie’s song is so haunting, sad, beautiful.  But that title always stuck in my head and heart.  “I can’t make you love me”……  Something we all feel, when we have our heart broken by someone, when love doesn’t “turn out how we thought”……  It is a painful thing……

The thing is – nothing we do should make ANYONE love us.  Conditional love isn’t love at all.  And God doesn’t love us conditionally.  Nothing I can do will make him love me.  And praise God, he loves me!

So – this title came into my head one day.  Then the melody.  I sat there playing my guitar, singing this over and over and over.  That line alone is probably the purest form of worship I have to offer…..  “Nothing I can do will make you love me…..  Still you love me……”

As I mentioned yesterday,  I’m going to write a little something about each song, sort of tell my story, if you will, through my new record, CTRL-Z.  As this is the first song on the record, I’ll start here.  Or – maybe I did already…..  🙂

I put this song first, because overall I want to make this record not a tale of my salvation, my coming to know the Lord.  It’s more the battle between the flesh and the spirit – my will giving in to his.  I don’t know about you, but that didn’t just happen for me.  It’s been, and still is, a struggle.

So I wanted to start it off with the truth.  I am unlovable.  Broken.  Tainted.  Selfish.  Dirty.  In spite of all that I am LOVED.  Deeply loved.  So much so, he sent his only begotten son to die for ME.  And you.  Whosoever chooses – recieves this gift offered freely – has eternal life.  Now.  With the one who loves you most……

But it’s not something I did that made him love me.  I accepted his gift, and through this I have eternal life with him.  But his love was there first.  The very reason Jesus came to die.  For me…..

And for you…..

Nothing I Can Do Will Make You Love Me

Nothing I can do will make you love me….
Still you love me…..

You call me child….
You call me friend….
I am justified by your blood….
I belong to you…
I’m not my own….
Paid for and redeemed by your blood….

Every time I try to make my own way….
Turning to the right or left, I can hear you say…

“Wait child….
Return child…..
I know you’re weak and weary….
I will give you rest….”

Nothing I can do will make you love me….
Still you love me…..

You can download my new record, CTRL-Z, for FREE!  Find it here:

God bless you!



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