CTRL-Z Song Review #2 – “My Brother’s Keeper”


I wrote this song last year, I don’t recall exactly when.  It orignally wasn’t such a “heavy” song.  I thought it might be more of a jangly, Tom Petty-type song.

Then I saw the Foo Fighters documentary last fall…….

Yeah, I tried to capture that type of sound.  Probably didn’t – I very often try and capture someone else’s sound, ending up sounding nothing like them.  But it did make this song much different than originally planned.

Now – the title.  That is something I had been kicking around for quite a while.  I have a friend who kept bringing it up, every time we talked.  The question asked of God, by Cain – “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The answer, of course, is YES!  Without a doubt, I am my brother’s keeper!  But am I being my brother’s keeper?  Hmmm……

And further – my flesh asks “Why am I my brother’s keeper????”  Why do I have to do it?  Why can’t someone else?  I’ve got my own problems.  If I help him, who’s gonna help me when I need it?  If I give my money away, what will I do when I need it????

Worry, toil, bury……

So the song ended up being a confession of my hypocracy.  If left to my own devices – and I’m not proud of this, not bragging – I’ll be a judgmental, self-righteous, self-centered, self-serving jerk.  A pharisee.

I just learned the pharisees in Jesus’ time were lay-persons, very religious, very ever seeking knowledge of and through God’s word.  I can relate.  I’m not a pastor.  I am a layman Christ follower.  But I, like most everyone, can tend to “puff myself up”, to exhault myself, from time to time.  Not something I’m proud of.  Something God wants me to change – just like he did the pharisees in Jesus’ time.  Why do you think he called them out all the time?  Not to publicly shame them – if you think Jesus’ M.O. was to humiliate any person, you might want to rethink how well you know Jesus.  He loved those pharisees as much s he did the other sinners.  Yes – the pharisees were sinners too (shock!) – the very persons he came to die for……

So praise God that THIS pharisee has been given a second chance.  And a third.  🙂

So – when you hear and read the lyrics – this is not me professing others do not matter, that I am holier than thou.  it’s me confessing the garbage that is in my heart.  Bringing it to the light, so satan cannot use it to harm me or others.  So God can be glorified.

I “think” it’s a catchy song too – I dunno.  Maybe you agree?

My Brother’s Keeper

Ain’t it a shame, you never knew
I’m prayin’ for you
But don’t get to close, I can’t abide
You’re not on my side
You beat your breast and cry out….
You think he hears?

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

Pass me the plate, watch me donate
I’m feelin’ good today
Better than you, you seem to come unglued
I’m prayin’ for you….
Never mind my plank, you seem to have a speck….

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

Hurry along, I don’t have time for this
I’m so glad I don’t deal with your sin
It’s not like God would give you something I’d miss
Wait – what did I miss?

Why should I love my neighbor?
Why should I even care?
Why am I my brother’s keeper?
He ain’t goin’ nowhere

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God bless you!



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