CTRL-Z Song Review #3 – “Back To Egypt”


In keeping the ball rolling in psuedo name-dropping (Remember I mentioned Bonnie Raitt in my first song reivew, Tom Petty and the Foo’s in the last one), I’m going to talk a little bit about Paul Simon.  When this song started to bounce around in my head, I was envisioning Paul Simon doing it, with a room full of musicians each playing a cool instrument – mandolin, guitar, banjo, maraccas.  I didn’t so much see a dance troupe – but you get the picture.  I heard Paul Simon singing this song.

As with every other song, it likely sounds nothing like a Paul Simon song to you.  But that is still what I heard in my head.  Go figure….

I wrote this song for the most part in my head, without access to any instrument for days.  I was in California with my lovely bride and our dear friend Anne.  Anne took us to this really cool place where you can climb this big hill and overlook the ocean.  BEATUFUL, breath-taking scenery!

On our way up, we passed a ton of amazing houses – each bigger than the next as we came closer to the ocean.  One thing we noticed quickly was that nobody was there.  Not in their house, not in their yard – it was like a ghost town for rich people.  We talked about it, figured they must be in their summer homes (this was late May)…..

And I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  These HUGE houses – empty…….  And so many who have to struggle to get a bed at night, or a crumb to eat…..  Such a waste……

Now I am not sure that is actually what was going on – who knows, maybe there was some city festival.  I don’t know.  But I coudln’t get that thought out of my head.  And to take it furthrer – how much were WE putting our own comforts before those who have no comforts at all????

As we walked on, this song started to form in my head…..  “Tryin’ to make my own Eden, all the while I’m headin’ back to Egypt….”  The Paul Simon melody going on.  I wrote half the song in my head.

This song really talks to my struggle with accepting God’s will for me vs my desire for comfort and pleasure.  I’m just going to come out and say it – many times I wish I had never met the Lord.  I wish I was still lost in my sin, serving myself.  Life seems so much easier back then….  I know that’s not true – but that is something I wrestle with, often…..

So this song is really about that.  Putting my garbage out there again.  Praying God uses it, pulls me through it.  And he is…..  Praise the Lord!

Back To Egypt

Tryin’ to make my own Eden
All the while I’m headin’ back to Egypt
Hidin’ all my precious sin
All the while I worship with my lips….

Away from me, Lord…
I’m a sinful man…
Away from me, Lord…
This is not what I had planned….

You called me out on the water
If I take that step, who is it for?
Denied before the rooster calls
If I pick up my cross, how can I fall?

Away from me, Lord…
I’m a sinful man…
Away from me, Lord….
This is not what I had planned…..

Lord, let me go…..

I’ll build a fire
I’ll offer gifts
Don’t ask for my heart
Can’t let go of it….

I’m not your man, I’m not your man….

You can download my new record, CTRL-Z, for FREE!  Find it here: http://tedhtunes.bandcamp.com/album/ctrl-z

God bless you!



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