CTRL-Z Song Review #4 – “Behold the Man!”


Jars of Clay.  I was trying to be Jars of Clay with the opening riff of this song.  I think I missed the mark, but that’s ok.  I love this song!

(I hope I don’t come off as arrogant, in saying I love the songs on my new record.  I just really love what came out of this project.  God is so good, to allow someone like me the ability to express praise, confusion, anger, doubt, praise, through the form of song.  That’s all)

This song came out heavy, and I sort of expected it to.  The chorus at the end – I dreamt of having a large choir sing that – as well as the last song, “Oh, Sweet Love!”.  But I never got that, having to instead dub tracks of myself being the psuedo-choir.

Eh – another day, another song.

This song starts out, as others, describing my failings.  But it ends praising the Lord Jesus Christ for his loving sacrifice, for his loving redemption.  Really – this song encompasses my confession and praise as best I could.  I like it a lot, for that very reason.  And the heavy guitar and bass ain’t so bad either.

If you listen closely with headphones on, as the instruments slowly begin to drop off, you can hear what sounds like someone dropping something.  I’m not sure who it is – but someone in my family made a guest appearance on the song, from upstairs.  🙂  I didn’t list them in credits, as I don’t know who dropped what.  Character – I like character.  🙂

Behold the Man!

With a betrayer’s kiss
I worship you with my lips
Sometimes I make me sick….
Sometimes I make me sick…

Forgive me, Lord, for I know not what I’m doing…..

I would die for you
Help me follow through….
What am I to do?
What am I do to, Lord?

Forgive me, Lord, for I know not what I’m doing….

Behold, the man!

By your wounds, I’m healed
Your mercy is revealed
Through your word I’m clean….
Through your word I’m clean….
I will sing…..
I will sing!


You can download my new record, CTRL-Z, for FREE!  Find it here:

God bless you!



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