CTRL-Z Song Reivew #7 – “I Wanna Marry You”


This song is about my wife.  About my desire for my wife.  On so many levels, not just sexual.  I long to be with her.  Near her.  In her presence.  I’m a “quality time” guy, I love spending time together, just she and I.  Doesn’t matter what we are doing – I just love being with her.

I took the lyrics from the Song of Solomon, a book in the bible that talks to marriage quite a bit.  A great piece of poetry, where a young engaged, then married, couple is a metaphor for our relationship with God as the bride of Christ.  Pretty – actually, VERY – cool stuff, if you ask me!

I’m not sure how this song fits in with the “concept album” thing.  That’s ok.  Maybe a side-note?  I guess you could say our marriage to both of us is important, very much a reflection of our faith.  Not perfect – we fall down all the time, both of us.  But strong.  Solid.  And really – not because of either one of us.  Though we have a part to play in this – the real and only reason we are solid is because Jesus Christ is in the center of our marriage.  We’ll go through hard times, sure – we’re sinners, in a fallen world.  But we have Jesus on our side, we put him first, before each other even.  He’s ever faithful, and we have that promise, that he will not leave us or forsake us – or allow us to steer from his plan for us.  I praise God for that, every day.  And so our marriage is a reflection of our own personal walks with Christ.

So – the song is one I love very much.  It’s me “waiving my banner” over my wife.  I’m very proud to be her husband.  This sounds bad – but I love to show her off.  I think she’s the bees knees!  🙂  She is the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, loving person I know.  She’s pretty darn cute too!  I’m not ashamed to praise her, in private or in public, and I won’t stop doing that.  She deserves it.  This song is just me expressing it.  I want to shout it from the top of a mountain – but I don’t have a mountain.  I just have this guitar and a pen.  Or – a laptop…….


I love this song.  It’s a song about marriage.  It’s a song for married folks, to celebrate their spouse.  If you don’t do that – if you are enemies, or just roommates.  If your wife is not your best friend, your confidant, your helper, your lover, the apple of your eye – then you should listen to this song.  You should read Song of Solomon.  You should pray for your wife – every day.  And for yourself, that God change you, so that she becomes those things and so much more to you, again.  She once was, if you recall……

I Wanna Marry You

Eyes like doves
Show your face to me
I can’t bear to see….
How I want you
How I love to be near you
Like a lily among thorns are you
My darling, you’re so fair
How I want you
How I long to be near you

I wanna marry you

Lips like scarlet, milk and honey
Dripping down my tongue…
Nothing sweeter
How I long to be with you
Love awaken
Come north wind
And blow your garden down
How I want you
How I long to be with you

I wanna marry you

Under my tree
Find your shade
With my arms around your waist
How I want to waive my banner over you
My sister, my bride
You’re the apple of my eye
How I want you
How I long to be with you

I wanna marry you

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God bless you!



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