I Really Like This Picture….

 A friend posted this on his Facebook page, and I can’t tell you how much I love this picture, and associated story!  I don’t know if it’s true.  I really don’t care.  Let’s pretend it’s true, and I’ll tell you what I love about it.

This woman thought of each of these presidential candidates, enough to name her kids after them.  This likely means she’s naïve.  She likely doesn’t know anything about either of the candidates – good or bad.  She just sees them as important public figures.  Potentially heroic.  Certainly important enough to name her children after them.  I love that!

Some would say “If you only knew”.  I get that.  In my book, however, this has nothing to do with their political history, their character – the man they are.  It has everything to do with their position, and her heart. 

And if we dig into the man, not the position – when I compare either of them to myself, I rank with either of them in despicable acts.  Maybe worse – but that’s my competitive nature.  🙂 

Bottom line, I don’t want to spend energy finding fault in either of these guys.  Clearly this woman doesn’t either – she named her little bundles of joy after them, for the love!

Anyway – I thought this was charming.  I thought this was very cool.   Maybe you will too.


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