I cannot even pretend to understand what parents of those little children are going through. What loved ones of adults are going through. What the surviving victims (everyone who was there is a victim) are going through…….

I cannot fathom the horror…..

The pain……

The loss….

The emptiness……

Most of us cannot fathom.  Most of us however are jarred by this.  Moved to tears.  With emotions high, we lash out, via social media mostly, with our opinions on what is wrong with the world.  Ban guns.  More guns.  Thank God he took his own life.  We live in a depraved society. 

We’re being armchair quarterbacks.  We’re so conditioned to do this.  I know I am.  Fix it, move on. 

That doesn’t bring these lives back…….

That doesn’t do anything but give us some sense of “control” over a situation we CAN’T control.

I love you.  I probably don’t tell you this enough.  I’m moving in too many directions at once.  So are you.  “It’s what we do”, is what we say.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It wasn’t always that way.  It’s NOT God’s will…..

I wonder how often this shooter’s parents told him he loved him?  or his friends?  I don’t know anything about him.  but I know he was fearfully and wonderfully made.  Just like you and me.  I know he was a victim of something, or someone – a mess.  “Normal” people don’t do something like this.  “Normal” people wouldn’t even consider it. 

What gets in someone’s head, that they could even entertain something as horrific as this?  If left to ourselves, I’d be scared of each and every person in this world……

And satan is loving that.  Because that is exactly what is going on.  Fear.  Paranoia.  Judgment.   We’re analyzing everyone around us, putting up walls, when we should be REACHING OUT to each other.  Loving each other.  Building bridges….

But God is bigger than all of this….  So much bigger…..  I won’t go in to how “he’ll have his glory through this”.  Frankly, that doesn’t bring these children back to their parents either.  I am thankful, however, that he is the God of comfort.  While these parents are throttled with loss, God is there….

So Christmas is right around the corner.  As a Christian, I am reminded every year of how God came to earth as a human.  As a little helpless baby.  Fully dependent on other humans to take care of him.  And he came with a purpose.  He came to a dark world, to bring us light.  He did not fail….

I’m reminded of that, in the midst of such tragedy.  I pray for these families, that they are as well.  And in this darkness, they can see that shred of light…….

People, let’s not get caught up in the “post-game show” of this tragedy.  Let’s not forget that people were affected, and their lives will never be the same.  That people’s lives were taken this day.  That life is but a mist. 

I want to tell you it will be ok.  That I love you. 

This song is going through my head right now….