Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins. (Proverbs 10:12)

It’s been two years today, that my Sweet P and I have been happily married. Joyfully is probably been a better word. For this reason – it, as well as the five and a half years prior, have not always been happy. There have been hard times – certainly very hard times early on as we lived as pagans. But even recently there have been hardships. Times even I could say if being honest, that I’ve hated Phyliss….

No, not literally hated. But certainly I’ve thought ill of, been angry with, fought with and exasperated her. That’s a kind of hatred. And yes, it stirs up strife….

Phyliss on the other hand is a master at LOVING. She’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong. But she is the one often taking first steps at making peace – in our relationship as well as others. She initiates prayer in our arguments much more than I (something I’m not proud of). She is quick to forgive, so full of grace. Her love covers a multitude of sins….

Today on our anniversary, I just want to – for lack of a better word – BRAG about her. I think she’s amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, welcoming, GRACEFUL. She certainly has a gift from God in making others feel wanted, welcome, important. I am so proud to be her husband, that I’m waiving my banner over her – today and every day. She truly is a joy in my life, a real wife of noble character. I thank God for her every day – even those days when I might be a little hateful. 🙂

Happy anni Sweet P! I love you!


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