Hug Someone…

I’m gonna just re-post this….

It brings tears to my eyes.  it shows me that people want more than anything to just feel loved, accepted.  We all screw up – we’re sinners!  But when we know love – REALLY know love, that lifts out of our old selves.  Makes us “new”.  Only Jesus can truly do that for us.  But we as Christians can – no MUST – be “Jesus with skin on” to others.  Always.

I have no idea if this gentleman who writes this blog is a Christian.  What I do know is that this warms my heart, and re-affirms my commitment to show the love of Christ, in words and deeds, to others in this world.  I’m going to fall on my face – but I need to get back up and just do what the Lord has put on my heart.

Hoping it warms you heart, and wakes you up a bit too.  God bless you, and a big hug from yours truly.



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