Journal – Paper or Plastic?

I recently began reading my bible and journaling electronically.  I’m experimenting, to see if I will like this.  Some of the pros have been accessibility of my journal entries – I’m using the Bible app, which I can get on my phone, my iPad or my PC.  I like that.  I also like that my phone is easy to carry, vs my journal (and less likely to be left behind).

Cons would be mainly that electronic just feels impersonal to me.  Both bible reading and journaling.  Not sure I like it.  I wanted to give it some time though, to make sure it’s not just me being “old”.

Also there are times when I can’t use my technology.  For example I’m going to High School Leadership Training, a program developed by the church organization we are a part of, this weekend.  No technology.  So of course I have to go old school while there.

I have been debating whether I should mix it up, go back to paper, or what?

Well – today I realized that for some reason some of my newer notes did not sync up to youversion’s site (wherever that is).  What’s worse – when my phone sync’ed up again, it dropped the notes!  So my newer journal entries were GONE!  It was like one or two days – but sucks all the same.  A big strike against…….

I am still on the fence.  I want easy, and always there.  But I don’t want the convenience of technology to ruin it.  It seems like it may be doing just that.

What about you?  Do you journal?  If so – have you tried doing electronic?  If so, how has that been for you?


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