I Love You…


Take a listen by going to link right above this text.  Yep, right there….

Another new song, called “I Love You”, from my coming up new record, “Ain’t Gonna Hide No More…”.  It’s a very simple, very sweet song.  I hope you enjoy.  Share it with everyone you know, if you do.  And keep your eyes and ears peeled for the record.  I “think” next week!

I love you,



Another Day In Paradise…


So I’m just about finished with my new record.  I hope you will like it.  I wanted to share this song up front, because of what it means to me.  I’ve never been homeless….  I can’t imagine life without shelter or without knowing where my next meal is coming from…..

Thing is – I’ve been that guy, who ignores….  I don’t practice that.  But something in my is ashamed if I can’t help someone.  I don’t have cash on me, almost ever.  I just don’t.  Helps me not blow it frivolously (I know, this is counter to the Ramsey mentality – but that’s me).  I often don’t have food on me.  So if I encounter someone who is without, and I have nothing to give them, I feel – ashamed… And I ignore them…  And I feel more ashamed….

What if i could just spend some time with them, or even say hello, like I would anyone else on the street who I am not immediately thinking wants or needs something from me?  Hmmm – I’m thinking this as I type, and I think I need to re-adjust my behavior a bit.  These are PEOPLE.  And while I’m far from any sort of expert don’t pretend to have the answers here – I think ALL people just want to be loved, accepted.  And I know everyone needs Christ.  So why deny that of anyone, just because I don’t have a sandwich on me?

So I have been working this song for a couple months.  It’s been in my head, helped me wrestle with this (I’m still wrestling).  I had thought about actually selling this one, and using the money to do something to help homeless people.  But I don’t need the money to do that – I’m rich 100 times over, by their standards.  I can help them with resources I currently have.  And I will.  If you are interested in joining me, certainly give me a shout.

Hope this song stirs something in you – and I certainly hope I did Mr. Collins ok with my rendition… 🙂

Re-Posting This….

Re-posting this post from someone else, because I want everyone to take the time and read it.


I pray everyone who looks at a homeless person as a freeloader, a scam artist, or less than human has a transformation in their heart as this man Kent Holland did.  I don’t say this to shame you if you do feel this way – I say this because I truly, truly pray for a change in your heart.  For your sake, for that hungry person’s sake – and mostly for God’s glory.

And God has had his glory in how he worked in Kent’s heart.  Awesome!