Another Day In Paradise…

So I’m just about finished with my new record.  I hope you will like it.  I wanted to share this song up front, because of what it means to me.  I’ve never been homeless….  I can’t imagine life without shelter or without knowing where my next meal is coming from…..

Thing is – I’ve been that guy, who ignores….  I don’t practice that.  But something in my is ashamed if I can’t help someone.  I don’t have cash on me, almost ever.  I just don’t.  Helps me not blow it frivolously (I know, this is counter to the Ramsey mentality – but that’s me).  I often don’t have food on me.  So if I encounter someone who is without, and I have nothing to give them, I feel – ashamed… And I ignore them…  And I feel more ashamed….

What if i could just spend some time with them, or even say hello, like I would anyone else on the street who I am not immediately thinking wants or needs something from me?  Hmmm – I’m thinking this as I type, and I think I need to re-adjust my behavior a bit.  These are PEOPLE.  And while I’m far from any sort of expert don’t pretend to have the answers here – I think ALL people just want to be loved, accepted.  And I know everyone needs Christ.  So why deny that of anyone, just because I don’t have a sandwich on me?

So I have been working this song for a couple months.  It’s been in my head, helped me wrestle with this (I’m still wrestling).  I had thought about actually selling this one, and using the money to do something to help homeless people.  But I don’t need the money to do that – I’m rich 100 times over, by their standards.  I can help them with resources I currently have.  And I will.  If you are interested in joining me, certainly give me a shout.

Hope this song stirs something in you – and I certainly hope I did Mr. Collins ok with my rendition… 🙂


One thought on “Another Day In Paradise…

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