Ain’t Gonna Hide No More…

Ain't Gonna Hide No More    This is my new record.  It’s done, in the can, available for sale.  By “for sale”, I really mean, for download.  All eight songs.  You can download, for whatever price you name.  I “hope” you go free – I don’t often like to take money for my songs.  However, I promise that ALL money donated will be given to someone who does not have a home to live in.  All of it.  So – just do what you must.

Anyway, this is the record!  I really don’t know how to describe it.  Please give  a listen, and let me know how YOU would describe it?  Here is the link to listen, download, pass on to your friends, whatever your little heart desires.

The title and cover idea came from some little thought I had over the summer.  I have spent a lot of my life in “fear”.  Fear, really of failure, or being a fool.  So I would hide.  This can be anything from re-screening my patio door, to sharing the Gospel.  Well – I’m done with that.  The train tracks were just the image I had, of going on a long “walk”, on train tracks – just see where it takes me.  I am still planning on doing this.  Maybe I’ll write about it when I do.  Until then – please enjoy my newest offering.



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