Ain’t Gonna Hide No More Review #1 – Life May…

Ain't Gonna Hide No MoreA little over five years ago, I was in Kansas City with my son for a Twins game.  We encountered this woman named Karen, who was holding a sign asking for money.  I actually saw her on the corner, pulled my car over and forced my then 8 year old son to come with me.  I was going to share the Gospel with someone!  I was a young Christian, and this would be the first time I could share the love of Christ with someone!

Funny thing is, she shared the Gospel with me!  I was so overwhelmed with her joy, in spite of the things she and her husband were going through.  It was truly humbling.

I’ve had a heart for those who are forsaken, lost, ignored, looked down upon, considered a burden, for quite some time.  God has pressed on me that I need to stop just “thinking about it”, and DO.  So I thought of this woman, as she was my first actual encounter with someone who was homeless.  She was the first person God used to show me that there is more than just “giving a dollar or two” – that people NEED to feel loved, accepted, worth a damn….

But Karen KNEW she was worth a damn, to God.  So my goal lately has been to show others they are too.  That God so loved THEM, that he gave his only begotten Son….  I’ll talk more on this in another post.  But this song was just me remembering how alive this broken woman was, how she knew her identity in Christ, even in the midst of her circumstances.  God is so good……


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