Ain’t Gonna Hide No More Review #4 – You Drew Me

Ain't Gonna Hide No MoreI wrote this song, first as a poem, back in April.  You can read this post to see it.  It was inspired by Jesus’ statement in John 6, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him”.

This means, if taken literally, that we really don’t get to CHOOSE.  We do choose, sure (we’ve been given free will), but only by God first drawing us to him.  This is amazing to me!  Not because I can’t believe it – but because this is so awesome on so many levels!

1. God loves us so much, that HE chooses us – not the other way around!  And remember – WE are the ones with addictions, depression, selfish desires, hatred, discourse, disobedience, entitlement, pride, etc.  He loved us when we hated him – so much truth…..

2.  If God draws us to him – he won’t let us go.  We don’t have the power to fall away, if he drew us to him.  We may fall – often (very often, some times)….  But greater is He who is in us that he who is in the world.  That is truth….

I know this will get many people’s panties in a bunch.  The whole “election vs free will” debate.  But before we go there – let’s go back to that verse in John 6.  Let’s meditate on that a while.  And let’s marvel at What God has done!


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