Murder Kills…

I wrote this post about abortion more than two years ago.  But I must confess – I don’t often think about it.  Abortion, or my blog post.  It’s just one of those topics that I have my opinion on.  But when I read this post, I’m convicted of the fact that MILLIONS of lives are being taken – and I have my opinion on it, but that is about it.

That’s it…


That can’t be it!

I was praying this morning, and I was thinking about a dialog among friends, where a woman stated that more children don’t fit into her life, and if she would get pregnant, she would definitely abort.  I was not part of this conversation, sadly.  Not that I would add any value, but I would want to ask her a question.  And not my two questions in the previous post – though I STILL think they are valid questions that nobody seems to want to address.

No – I would ask her this:  “How do you think you’d handle having an abortion?  How do you think your husband would handle having an abortion?  What would that do to you and your family?”

I am convinced that ALL of the people who have been involved in an abortion are affected negatively by this.  Physically, maybe.  But emotionally, absolutely.  It would affect a person in one of two ways:

  • Guilt, shame, condemnation, pain, loss
  • Justification, heart-hardening, excusing, defensiveness

Both are destructive, and both are methods the enemy would use to destroy us.  As much as I value that life that was taken – it’s done for them.   But for those left behind?  The mother, the father, family, friends, our communities, our society, humanity?  It’s a lifetime of devastation.   I titled this post, “Murder Kills”, because of how abortion affects not just the one who lost their life.   There is a ripple effect on everyone.  For our society, that is more than a lifetime.

If you look at how we as a society look at life today – it is VERY different than it was in the past.  Heck, recently there was a woman who filmed herself having an abortion, posted it on the internet – and SEVERAL people are applauding her for her bravery!

Bravery??  This poor, mis-guided girl has NO IDEA how she will regret this down the road, if she is really honest with herself.  No idea.

And neither do I.

Oh – but I do.  I’ve not been involved in an abortion – but I was involved in a divorce.  Nobody actually DIED.  But I killed that marriage.  I killed part of my kids and my ex-wife through it.  That is another post, but I use that as an example of an abortion.  I aborted my marriage, which had a major ripple effect.  On my ex, on my kids, on our parents and siblings, on our co-workers – on down the line.  Do I regret it?  Yes, if I’m honest.

And if this poor girl is honest with herself – she does too.  Or she will.  Or worse – her heart is hardened even more, pushing her further and further into death.

See, the bottom line is, the devil WANTS us to kill each other.  He loves that we are going our own way, closer and closer to destruction.  He’s overjoyed this poor girl is heading down a path that leads to her death….

I pray against that.  I pray, Lord, that you heal her.  That she is no longer held in bondage, conformed to the pattern of this world.  I pray that she realize that you are real, that you love her.  HER.   Yes, the woman who filmed her abortion.  YOU LOVE HER.  Passionately.  With a jealous love.  With an everlasting love.  I pray that she is yours, Lord, even if she doesn’t realize it now.  That she is protected from the shame, condemnation, depression, that is very likely to come – not by man, in her own mind.  I pray Lord that you remove her from her pain and restore her to you, for your glory.

I was going to post the video.  I even found a link to a story.  But then as I read, I found that it seemed  to be condemning her.  I don’t want to do that.  She’s already done that, in her mind.  And judgment is left for God alone.  I want to pray for her.  And ask you to pray for her as well.  Please.

Instead, I am going to post a video by Francis Chan, John Piper and John Ensor, from January.  They talk about this atrocity in detail, and even show pictures.  Please, do not watch this video, unless you are completely ok seeing that…  It is disturbing…  You need to be ok with the fact that you will see something that will leave you – DIFFERENT.  That you CANNOT think the same about this as you did before.  if you are not a believer, if you are pro-choice – please don’t watch.  This is not posted to change your mind.  This is posted for those like me, who have been opposed to abortion, but really don’t care.  We really don’t care that millions of lives are taken, and millions upon millions of lives are destroyed through this…

Anyway, they say a lot of things that I do not articulate well in my post.  They pretty much hit the nail on the head, in my opinion.  A link to the video is at the bottom of this post.  Again – WATCH WITH CAUTION.

I titled this post, “Murder kills” – because the gist of it is I feel those who have been duped into thinking this is the answer, or this is acceptable, or those children are not humans, are lost.  They have been destroyed a little inside.  They are dead…  Thanks to Christ Jesus, though, who can take a dead man and bring him back to life.  He did it for this dead man.  If you are one of the dead I am referring to – there is hope for you.  Put your hope in the only one worthy – Christ the Lord.

I pray you are well.



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