Through A Glass Darkly… Volume 3

Hymnal Vol. 3 - Option 1This third installment in my series of hymn renditions is probably my favorite collection of songs I’ve done yet!  I LOVE hymns, and I love doing them.  I truly hope I do them some sort of justice.

So first – here are the other ones for you:

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K, now that I have that out of the way, here’s a rundown of volume 3!

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

We do this song a lot in worship.  I love this song!  I love the truth in this lyric.  How he loves us…  While we were still sinners – Christ died for us…  Do you get that???  If you don’t, please read the Gospels, read Romans – then go re-read them.  How crazy is that???  Jesus took on our sin – MY sin, your sin, everyone’s sin – so that we might become his righteousness…  Humbling….

So I’ve done this song many ways, and while recording, I sort of mixed many things I’ve loved about how we have treated the song – from the electric guitar treatment, to the mandolin solo, to the vocal harmonies.  I’m not a drummer, so I just did some tambourine and shaker on this one to keep rhythm.

This song was recorded all in our basement living room, as my studio is still in flux.  I ran as much direct as I could.  That is actually the case for most of these songs.  But I really had fun with recording and mixing these, and I’m learning how to use the new tools I have fairly well.

Nothing But the Blood

So – we do this song in worship as well.  But the rendition we do isn’t one I came up with, instead we do the one All Sons and Daughters do – love it.  But I didn’t want to re-do their thing.  So I came up with this treatment.  Turned out kinda cool.  I did some crazy effects on the electric part, and I’m playing a guitar case and my grandpa’s old snare drum as the percussion.  That was fun!

More amazing truth in the lyric as well.  All my hope and peace, by the blood of Jesus…

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

When I hear this song done, I am reminded of the moment I first fell in love with Jesus…  And, since then, there has been no turning back…  I am so thankful for this…  God is so good!

I did some Bigsby action on the guitar solo part.  Had some fun, and I think it set a decent mood.  I used a jazz brush drum loop to give it an odd effect – hope you like it.  I really like the moodiness of this song.  I assure you, it was completely by accident…

Hallelujah!  What a Savior!

We do this song as well.  I first heard it at a church service, where the congregation just shared the word and sang hymns.  Someone would stand up, and read the word, maybe talk about it – then someone else would stand up and choose a song form the hymnal.  They did this song, and I was so moved…

So we started doing it at church, and I love this song!  I am drawn into worship as we do it.  And into praise…  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  What a Savior we have in Jesus Christ!

This song was mostly recorded in my studio room, before I gutted it.  I mic’d my acoustic, with a condenser on the neck and a ribbon on the hole.  And I mic’d my amp, with a Senheiser on the amp and a ribbon in the room.  And I used a little fuzz pedal on the bass.  Fun fun fun!

So – I “think” I’m pretty much done for now doing these hymns for now.  I really enjoyed this process.  I do have some plans for another recording project – actually a couple, which I plan to start soon.  Stay tuned!  And for now, I hope you enjoy this little collection!