Ahhh Christmas!  A wonderful time of the year!  I recorded a couple Christmas songs recently, and would love to share them with you here.  I hope you enjoy!

O Come O Come Emmanuel

I love this song…  It’s such a dark, depressing sounding song.  But the lyric is so full of hope.  Rejoice!  Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.  The hope of a Savior.  Of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I did this song a bit darker than other versions.  And maybe a bit weird?  I don’t know, let me know what you think.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This song was one I learned very recently to play for residents in a nursing home.  I fell in love with it, decided to record it.  I hope you like it!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  I hope that if you know the Lord, you can rest in His peace during this time, that you have opportunities to share the love and hope of Christ with others.  I hope that if you DON’T know the Lord, He touches your heart during this season.  That you find out what sort of freedom the Lord promised, through His Son….

Merry Christmas!


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