Roots Down Deep….

21 - Roots Down DeepHey folks!  Remember last year, when I was recording all those hymns and putting them out?  Well – I sorta re-did them.  I did not re-record them.  I practice my mixing and mastering skills (which still need practice), trying to make what I put out sound a bit better.  And I hope you like it.  and if you don’t – it’s still free.  So there you have it.  🙂

I call this collection “Roots Down Deep”.  Originally, it was going to be a collection of covers, from bands or artists that I grew up with, mixed in with hymns.  The premise being these musicians inspired me as I grew up, and the hymns – well they represent how God’s word has penetrated my very being.  How I am rooted and established in love, as Paul says in Ephesians 3.

Well, I decided against recording all the covers.  Too much work, and they weren’t turning out nearly as I had hoped.   However, I did leave you with one little treat.  I did a cover of “A World Without Heroes” by Kiss.  I kinda like it, and I think you might too – whether or not you were ever a Kiss fan.  I was, growing up.  They were THEE band for me when I was a kid, and even into my teens and twenties.  I even did a couple tribute shows with some friends of mine – which for quite some time cured me of any sort of Kiss fandom, and kinda ruined the band for me.  But I digress….

I hope you enjoy this collection.  I really like listening to hymns, singing hymns, letting them penetrate me.  They aren’t the word – but often they are quoting scripture, and they are rich, deep praises to God.  It’s my prayer that these songs, minus the odd addition of a Kiss song, will be a blessing to you (Or maybe even the Kiss song?  Depending on who you are), as they were for me to record.



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