Why Go? Part 2

In part 1 of this topic, I mentioned a common question that can be asked, with regards to short-term mission trips such as the one we are taking to the Dominican Republic.

” Why go halfway across the world, to do something you can do in your back yard?  Aren’t there people already there, who could do this in their own back yard?”

I covered the first half of the question in part 1, and I will cover the second half, “Aren’t there people already there, who could do this in their own back yard?”, in this post.

YES – and that is our prayer.  We will be there all of a week.  While we are excited to have an opportunity to share the Gospel, we simply won’t have the opportunity to disciple long-term anyone who may accept Christ.  So – one of our goals is to work with our sister church in Santo Domingo, to equip them to tackle this.  I’m told there are many new believers in the local church.  So this will be a tremendous, awesome, kinda scary, opportunity for us to “boot camp disciple” them.  Our brothers and sisters will be with us as we go out and share, as we serve, as we minister to them, and them us  – heck we’re even staying in their homes!

All through this, we will be building relationships with our brothers and sisters in Santo Domingo.  Such a tremendous privilege and blessing to be a part of this!

There is one more thing – going on a mission trip, no matter how long but especially on short-term trips, changes the person who is going.  Most likely more than it affects anyone who is being ministered to, the missionary is being ministered to by the Lord all the more.  And that is the greatest privilege of all…


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