Flight Itinerary! And More!!!

We got our flight itinerary last night!  It’s happening!  Less than two weeks away, wow!!!

Also, we recently received this letter from the pastor in Santo Domingo.  Some things we’ll be doing, some things we will be praying for – and I would love if you would join us in prayer…

Pastor Doug: I hope this mail will reach you on time for tis Sunday training meeting. For the time you will arrive we will have multiplied the church into two groups; one for adults still meeting at my place and the second for Youth (teen and singles) meeting in the church place We would like to team up with you to strengthening both groups. We look forward to activities such music class with those able to share their talents, We hope that for your time of arrival we will have: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, piano and a drum set. We will do a couple of reach outs in the community next to our church place: for teens and adults. We will focus in increasing our service to the girls home that a previous group visited. this time we would love to take a few girls to receive music and English classes in our building. There will some construction but haven’t been able to finalize details Last time others brought some full Spanish Bibles (besides the NT of Revive) if could do so would be great since we are using them for the group and church meetings I am copying Kristine since she will be involved in those your activities. We will have an event handling up OCC shoe boxes. Knowing that we will have nine teens in the group we would like for them to prepare a couple of skits the type of mimic to share the gospel to young people. Also you or anybody would like to have a couples meeting night with a message for married would be great. Think on meeting that could go to the men about leadership or so. Lot of ideas and needs here, lot of talent there, so I am not worried at all. In HIS name Dago


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