My Baby Girls’ Goin’ to Seattle…

I Just found out yesterday, Stella made it in to the Union Gospel Mission Serve Seattle program!  I am awash with various emotions now.  I’m still stunned.  I’m still humbled.  I’m still so EXCITED!  I’m still fighting tears (and losing)…

My little girl is grown up!  None of this is surprising to me.  We ALL continue to age.  🙂  And grow.  But Stella – I don’t mean this to sound funny – her growth, her love for the Lord, her love for the lost, her desire to affect a change in the lives of those who are hurting – this is not from us as parents.  This is from God.  It is SO humbling to see the Lord take your child and mold them into the person they are.  Did I and her mother have parts in that?  Sure.  But the Lord did it…  And that blows my mind…

So – about a year ago, Stella came to me and asked, “What do I do if I don’t know what to do for college?  I’m going to have my generals done.  Do I have to go to school right away, after high school?”

In my book not such a bad problem to have.  🙂  My response was something to the effect of no, you don’t.  but you certainly don’t want to take a year off, and be in the same boat a year later (what do I do?).  So if you DO take a year off, make it count.  🙂

Well – she found this:

Started doing some research.  Praying.  Talking to them.  Praying more.  I spoke with them.  Prayed more.  It came down to the last few months, and it was settled – she’s going, unless the Lord doesn’t want her to.  If they don’t accept her, we know it’s from God, and we’ll have peace with it.  If she makes it, then we know it’s from God, and we’ll have peace with it.

Knowing Stella was going to potentially go to Seattle, essentially on a year long mission trip, was one of the drivers for me taking this DR trip with her.  I wanted her to experience, even for a week, what life might be like.  Uncomfortable.  Different than normal daily routine.  Potentially inconvenient.  Difficult.  Stretching.  Trying.  AMAZING.  Such a blessing…

So – hearing she was accepted yesterday, I was in and out of being a puddle.  I couldn’t even talk when I called my wife to tell her.  I am so amazed.  God is so good!

Gonna say one more thing, that might come off odd to some of you.  Yes, I think my daughter is amazing.  Yes, she is wonderful, and I could say TONS of wonderful qualities about her.  Yes, I am ridiculously proud of her.  I would be if she were sitting home watching tv all day too.  She’s my little girl!

But I’ll say this – she’s really nothing special.  To me, and so many?  YES she is.  But in the grand scheme of things?  Just another human being, like me and you.  We aren’t special.  That includes my beautiful daughter.

But God is so amazing.  He takes our simple lives and uses them for extraordinary things.

I listened to this song on the way in today, and wept.  Again…  Makes  me think of my Stellie now…

And really, it fits any of us.  THAT is how much Jesus loves us!  You too!


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