Home Sweet Home

What an amazing trip…

These people were so gracious, so loving, so funny, so on fire for the Lord and what he has for them – both in serving and in their own lives. God you are so good…

We missed our connecting flight. Oh well. By gods grace, we ended up just 2 1/2 hours late getting home ( some of the team or later, and they got home by six. Not too bad considering we were originally told we “might” get on a flight by eight at night).

Was so good to see P and Dylan. So wonderful and so sweet. Had a very nice brunch with them and we told them all about the trip.

Then – we crashed. Stella a little harder than I, as she caught a cold on the flight. Got up and went for a walk with P – it’s gorgeous at home here in Minnesota! Had an amazing dinner! Still got up to eat and crashed again.

Then just relaxed with P. Was soaked nice connecting with my wife again.

I’m so glad, Lord, that you let Stella and me on this trip together. Such a blessing! God you are so good…


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