You Can Download My New Record FOR FREE!!!

Official - I Must Become Less 5

Of course – that is always the case with me.  🙂

But this time, I really want to encourage you to go and download my new record.  Soak it in.  Share it.  Allow God to work through the songs in your life, maybe a loved one or a co-worker, if they at all move you.  I want this to be a blessing to others, and to the Lord.  If it isn’t for you – maybe you think it sucks, and that’s ok with me 🙂 – then just pass.  But if at all these songs resonate with you, that would bless me very much as that is my desire.

Now – I gain nothing by you downloading.  I don’t have a point system, approval ratings, Facebook or other social media where you can “like” my record.  I don’t get paid and in fact, I am allowed only so many free downloads.  If I exceed them, I’ll have to pay for you to download them.  Cool by me, if it is for your benefit and His glory!  In my small way, this is how I can best share the joy of Christ’s salvation and everlasting love.

So – here is the link to download:

i must become less…

I started this project mainly because I wanted to FINALLY record with my brother Seth Butz playing drums.  I’ve known and loved this guy for six years, and have always wanted him to drum on my stuff.  The timing worked out for us, and he’s on half of the record!

I started out with a plan to re-record a dozen or so of my songs.  That changed as the project went on, as new songs were coming.  I simply needed to put them out instead.  I love how this record came together.  As I was re-doing songs, I had submitted them to Nathan and Joan Boyer, dear friends from church.  They scrutinized the songs, mostly lyrically, but also arrangements, harmonies, my whiny voice 🙂  They were so gracious, and I give them credit on many of the songs, and for production assistance.  I am so blessed by their involvement, and I love them very much.

Another  idea I had during the process was to write songs with friends of mine, strictly over the interwebs – share lyrics, riffs, etc. via Dropbox or Google Drive.  I’m still hoping to do more and more of this, but there are three great examples of this are on the record, “All Eyes Watching”, “I Will Absorb the Blow”, and “Because You Took My Sin…”.  I’ll talk about that in future posts, as I break down each song individually.

I was so blessed to have a bunch of friends share their talents on this record!  Abasa Asake on vocals, Seth Butz on drums, Elise Magalis on vocals, Joan Boyer on vocals, Derek Kosch on B3 and mellotron and co-writing, Elise, Joan, Drew Petersen, Ellie Petersen, Susie Roalstad, Angela Glum and Grace Bare on group vocals/gang vocals, Alex Sutherland on co-writing.  And of course Nathan and Joan in coaching me through the process.  Not to mention my wife makes her recording debut on this project!  (I’m pretty sure she would rather I not mention that, sorry babe…).

This truly was a labor of love for me.  I chose to release it on this day, April 22 for a very special reason.  I looked at a calendar, and it was on this day in 2007 that I was born again.  God is so good…  My desire is this record glorify Him, and nothing more.  My hope is that you see a glimpse of Jesus Christ in these songs.  I say, “a glimpse”, because they were crafted by frail, faulty human hands.  But I do believe each song was given to a soft heart, by Him, for Him…  He must increase, I must decrease…

i must become less…

I love you.



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