Now Show Me Your Glory…

Official - I Must Become Less 5

Show Me Your Glory

He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” (Genesis 3:10)

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.” (Exodus 33:18)

I have been captured by the text in Exodus 33, since God first showed it to me years ago.  Here, we see Moses pleading with God, “If you don’t go, we won’t go.  Don’t leave us…” (I am paraphrasing).  This is after a grave sin committed by the entire community of people.  This is a sinful man himself, Moses, PLEADING to the Lord, “Show me your glory…”.  Wow….

And God’s response?  “I will not leave you.  I am pleased with you (the sinner, remember?).  I know you by name…  My face you cannot see, but I will show you My glory.” (I again am paraphrasing).


A stark contrast from Adam, at the fall of man.  He HID.

And – so did all of the Israelites, when in the presence of God.  They couldn’t handle it, asked Moses to ask God to not do that.  They simply could not be in God’s presence.  Why?

Sin.  God can’t have sin in His presence.  And sinners cannot stand to be in God’s presence.

So why Adam?  He was a sinner too.  Heck – he didn’t even make it into the promised land!

Why?  Because he BELIEVED.  He was chosen by God, and given a faith that prevails over his sin.  He was forgiven.  He was given a boldness to come before our loving Father, like a child, and say “Show me your glory….”.

I want that… Lord, show me Your glory…

What about you?

This is another re-recording.  You can find the original here , and you can even read my original review of the song here .  This song has really changed, from the original original song (different lyrics, was called “Right Back Where We Started”, from my old band, in 2005), to the one I recorded three years ago, to this one.  Hope you enjoy!

Written by Ted Hajnasiewicz, Nathan Boyer, Joan Boyer

Ted Hajnasiewicz:  lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, hand claps
Seth Butz:  drums
Phyliss Hajnasiewicz:  hand claps

Show Me Your Glory

i must become less…


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