S.1881 To Be Voted On


I find this interesting, and certainly something I would encourage you to contact your local senator’s about, requsting they vote for this bill.

Planned Parenthood is an extremely profitable non-profit.  This bill would just eliminate your and my tax dollars from helping them.  Whether you are for or against them – that simply means they won’t get your tax dollars.  This will not close their doors, if in fact they bring in 1.3 billion dollars.  Yes, that will drop significantly, without  our tax dollars.  But I’m sure they won’t close their doors.

Planned Parenthood would not lose their tax exempt status.  This would only remove my tax dollars, and yours, from going to them.

Our tax dollars would still go to organizations that provide women’s health services, besides Planned Parenthood.  This would not put our money into another pool somewhere, or even our own pockets.  In all honesty, I do realize this means my tax dollars could still be going to an organization that provides abortion services.  I don’t have my head in the clouds over this.  🙂

My guess is others would come alongside Planned parenthood, as many are behind them, and help make up some of this deficit they would incur (from a business perspective).  I don’t see that this will close their doors – it simply removes my involuntary support.

If you agree with my sentiments, I encourage you to reach out to your senators with your opinion on the matter.  Here is a simple link to do so, if you so desire.


Or you can find your senator’s directly if you like.  Heck – maybe you completely disagree with my sentiments, and you want to encourage your senators to vote NO.  That is your prerogative.  I don’t typically get involved in things such as this – I confess I’m quite politically apathetic.  I simply don’t see government as my means of salvation, sorry.  But this one seems to make sense to me, as it is a means to remove a small portion of my tax dollars from being put into pockets of an organization I am in no way behind.

Love you!