I Will Absorb the Blow

I Will Absorb the Blow Remaster

I was playing around with a solution called “LANDR”, where they master your songs for you, automatically.  I’m still learning as I go, with this recording, and mastering is another part of the puzzle I don’t (and may never) have a handle on.

Still – I wasn’t overly impressed with what I heard.  Don’t get me wrong – it sounded nice, all things considered.  But my remastered version wasn’t far off, and might even be a bit better – softer anway.  I think the issues with the song stem from recording first, mixing second.  Meaning I need to improve my skills in those areas.  THEN, I can work on mastering.

BUT – since I was experimenting, I thought I’d use one of my fav songs from my last record.  It turned out slightly better than the original – if nothing else, it’s a bit louder.  But I think my voice in particular sounds a bit less “harsh”, especially when compared to that of Abasa’s Asake, who has a voice like BUTTER, I tell you…  I always thought mine sounded a bit like nails on a chalkboard, when put right next to his – and I don’t typically hate my voice.  So – this master is a bitter softer, and I “think” better.  May just be me.

So – it’s FREE, as usual.  And if you enjoy, that pleases me.  And I will stick to doing my own masters for now.  🙂

Love you!


I Will Absorb the Blow Remaster