TWO New Records! And A Mission That YOU Can Help With!!!

So – yes, I have some big news!  I am releasing TWO new records today!  I will delve into them in a bit.  But first, I want to talk a little about a mission with which I would like to ask YOU to come alongside me.  Here goes…

Since my salvation in 2007, God has brought person after person, couple after couple, who either are going through or have gone through divorce…  It breaks my heart, as very often I am living this  out with them…  I mean – I’ve been there. I’ve made those same choices. Choices that affect EVERYONE around me, for the rest of their lives. At the time, I just didn’t see it – I didn’t want to see it. If only I knew then, what I know now…

So, why now, does God bring this into my life, over and over? I know that God wants me to be there for them. To pray for and with them. To try and persuade them, most often there is a better decision to make. To love them, even if – no, ESPECIALLY if – they make the decision to divorce… But it does hurt so much, seeing my loved ones, their families go through pain, their families destroyed…

I don’t think as a Christian, I’m supposed to love someone until they make “that choice”. In fact, Jesus did the exact opposite. For me. For all of us. And we are to act in kind. Paul put it best in his letter to the Romans:

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)

BUT – I’m not a counselor. I can’t be the one to help put a marriage back together. I can only listen. And love. And pray…

But I am a musician, and I can do things with songs I write! As I was writing new songs, working on a new project, I had a handful of the songs that seemed to fit the vein of a “concept record”.  The concept I had in mind is MARRIAGE.  Mostly from the perspective of a marriage falling apart.  Mostly a reflection of how man has thrashed marriage, at least here in America. I do believe and put my hope in marriage as God has designed it.  And I know that God cherishes and protects marriage today.

So now – this is where YOU can help!  For the first time in I don’t know remember how long, I’m actually going to SELL my music!  Exciting?  Yes!  Scary?  Yes!  I don’t get many who take it for free, so how can I sell it?  Well – all proceeds from the sale of these records, and ALL of my available catalog for the time being, are going to be directly donated to “Know the Truth Ministries”, part of “Northland Counseling Services”.  The money will be earmarked for marriage counseling!  How cool is that!  You can read about this ministry and their services here:

Know the Truth Ministries

AND – by proceeds, I mean EVERY GOSH DARN PENNY!  I have no tangible expenses put into this project, as I did the recordings in my studio. So I don’t have to recoup anything.  It’s ALL going to this wonderful ministry. All for some couple who might just want and need this in their darkest times.

AND AND – I will match you dollar for dollar, up to $1000!  How cool is that!  $1000 will cover up to ten marriage counseling sessions for a struggling couple, where maybe money is the obstacle they as a couple have, to seeking the counseling that just might save a marriage.  If God raises $1000, and I match that, we’re talking potentially TWO couples could be helped!

By the way – if you want to give more than my suggested price per record, well you certainly can.  🙂  More helps accomplish this goal faster.

And further by the way – if you want to give directly – you certainly can! (Keep in mind, if you buy my record, you don’t get a tax write-off. If you give directly to KTTM, you do).  I don’t need to push sales, I want to raise the money for this ministry.  If you choose, you can donate directly here:

Donate to Know the Truth Ministries

AND if you do give directly to their ministry, send me a copy of YOUR receipt, I’ll send you a receipt of my match.  Even if you don’t buy my record.  🙂

I plan to keep everyone up to date on progress.  This could take a long time, or it could go quickly.  God’s timing, I’m not too concerned.

So – $1000 is my goal.  Will you help me? I know it’s not much, and may not seem like it’s going to make any sort of dent or affect change – but I’m trusting God to do the actual change here.  I recently read this in the gospel of John:

Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up,  “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” (John 6:8-9)

So, Andrew brought this boy forward, who was offering up this small offering, to try and feed thousands, knowing it’s not enough.  But at least he OFFERED it.  I figure I can do the same, with what little I have, and let Jesus do the work of multiplying.  🙂

OK with all that, if you are still with me, let’s move on to music!

Wedding Coat CoverWedding Coat

Wedding Coat

Meet my new EP, “Wedding Coat”.  It’s a sweet, but sad little record.  This is the collection of songs that are telling the story of a marriage ending, a man seeking God in his pain – and ultimately REDEMPTION. God does truly work even the worst out for our good and His glory. I hope you not only enjoy this record, but are moved to pray for those you know who may be going through something similar…

Here is the link:

Wedding Coat EP

Now onto the OTHER new record!

My Praise Cover 4My Praise

My Praise

This is the original project I was working on, when I decided to break part of it out into the “Wedding Coat” EP.  This record is centered on the choice to praise God, even in the midst of pain and loss. In fact, the title song is written from Christ’s perspective, as David prophesized in Psalm 22.  I hope you enjoy!

My Praise

And if you like, you can find some of my older stuff, also for sale. Again – all money raised will go directly to “Know the Truth Ministries”, including these older recordings.

Lastly, along those lines, if you’re the praying kind – please pray.  Pray for me during this crazy campaign.  Pray for marriages.  Yours, if you are married.  Those close to you.  Even those that are, or seem to be, doing very well!  But certainly those you know are struggling.  Or – even “ended” in divorce.  God can raise the dead, even a dead marriage.

Pray for redemption.  Restoration.  SALVATION!

So – to sum up…

I have a mission to raise $1000, to send a couple to up to ten sessions of marriage counseling with “Northland Counseling Services”, part of “Know the Truth Ministries”.

I will match up to $1000, dollar for dollar. God willing, that means at least $2000 raised in the end!

I’m trusting God to move here.

And I’m asking you to come alongside.

Will you help a brother out?

I Love you!






I Still Remember…

I still remember when she was born…  She looked up at me with that crusty look.  That look I can give, I’m told.  That look she can still give, when in a mood.  it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…

I still remember her crying, when we left her at dance class – the first time she did ANYTHING on her own…  We didn’t actually leave – we watched as she struggled to be “independent” – and succeeded!  Something she still succeeds at.

I still remember dropping her off the first day of school.  It was a before-school daycare, for the catholic school she was attending.

I still remember breaking her heart, as we told the kids we were separating…

I still remember her bossing her brother around, in the motherly way she had (still has).  It was cute and a little disturbing all in one.

I don’t really recall the day I moved out, if I even looked at her or her brother.  How did that affect them?  I didn’t pay much attention…

I vaguely recall the first night she and her brother stayed at my apartment.  How odd for them, I bet…  Funny – she mentioned one thing she looks forward too, being in Seattle, is having ONE home to live in.  We don’t think of that, when we split a family up, do we…

I still remember going to one of her school functions, where parents could come along.  She told me, after the program, “You can go now, Dad”.  I was so hurt…  Years later, I still wonder if she thought I might have wanted to leave?

I still remember her getting baptized.  I think the only reason she did, was because I had.  I wasn’t someone to seek after so much, yet, as a dad.  Or maybe I was becoming that finally?  But it’s so sweet that your kids WILL seek after you.

I still remember road trips – Cleveland.  Indy.  We travel well together.

I still remember driving practice.  Stressful, yet exciting!

I still remember seeing her in slow motion (like the movies), put the car in drive INSTEAD of reverse, driving right into the freezer.  Funny now, we can laugh (the freezer still works, and has the wonderful reminder of this day).  But at the time, I was devastated for her.  It certainly scared her, and made her feel for a moment like she might not get this…

I still remember telling her that if she didn’t buckle down and practice driving, work on getting a job, she wasn’t even going to test for her license.  She did both – and did them very well.

I still remember taking her to get her license.  It was a LOOONG wait.  But it did not seem so long – it was so wonderful to sit with her as we waited, chatting away…

I still remember her getting a job.  She was gone a lot more…

I still remember PSEO.  She’s growing up…

I still remember graduation day…  Dad’s cry, so I guess it’s ok if I did too?

I still remember more than a year ago, her heart being set up Serve Seattle.  God had this in store for her.  I’m excited to see where he leads her through this next year!

I will remember tomorrow, dropping my little girl off.  My heart aches tonight, as I contemplate the fact that I won’t see her for weeks…

I’m reminded of all the things I could have, should have said, or done…  Please, Lord, let those not be the critical things she’s lacking…

I’m reminded of the gift she is, to me, to so many.

I’m reminded that I get to see her again at Christmas.  🙂

And we have electronic means to see each other.  🙂

I just hope, tomorrow, she doesn’t say, “You can go now Dad…”  🙂

Off the Fence…

There is no fence we can sit on, with this issue.  There is no, “I’m not FOR abortion, but I don’t have the right to tell someone else”.  Yes you do.  You don’t have the right to STOP them, sure.  But you DO have the right to say something.  To talk about it.  Heck – you even have the right to do so without any decorum or respect for a person who may disagree with you – though, I don’t advise or condone that approach.

I am pro-life.  I am FOR life.  I am anti-abortion, as I recognize a baby in the womb is still a baby.  It’s a human being.  I am pro-human life.  No, it does not end with the birth of the child – I am pro life throughout human life.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers to questions like, “Who will adopt that baby”, or “Who will help the mother pay for her pregnancy and delivery”.  But if someone wants to talk about that, I’m certainly happy to come up with ideas.  Others have, if even on a small scale.  I know of a pastor in Arizona, who’s congregation has helped pay for hospital stays, the delivery of the child – even the needs of the child and mother for a time, in lieu of an abortion decision – HECK, even so far as ADOPTION of the child!  I know this happens elsewhere-  probably even in my own back yard.  Two things.

  1.  I need to FIND and support, or help start, something like this in my back yard.  I cannot be idle about this any longer.  No, this doesn’t mean militant, hate-filled speech, attacking other human beings.  I don’t condone that in any form.  But, speaking the truth is NOT attacking someone.  If this child in the womb is a human being, then I’m sorry, it’s murder.  It’s not hate speech to say that, it’s coming to a conclusion, one that many, sadly, just don’t want to entertain.  Some, because they are pro-abortion.  Some, like me, because they are afraid….
  2. Overall, we are fooling ourselves, no matter where we stand on this issue, if we think we can ride the fence.  We can’t.  There is no fence.  If these babies in the womb are humans, then this is the largest form of genocide in recorded human history.  Am I ok with that?

Please don’t get caught up in the last part of a statement like “If this child in the womb is a human being, then it’s murder”, and let the term “murder” throw you, or shut the conversation down, no matter what you think about this topic.  It’s a complete statement, with an if/then in there.  If I’m wrong, and this child is not a human being, then the conclusion at the end of the statement is a false one.  But IF that child is a living human being, we cannot make any other conclusion up.  Don’t ignore the first part of that statement, for fear of coming to a conclusion you may not like…

This is a very interesting article, articulating what abortion survivor Gianna Jessen said before congress recently, with regards to the investigations into Planned Parenthood.  Please read in it’s entirety.

I’ve also included the video of her speech, in this post.  I know she is probably an “extreme case”?  In that many children who survive an abortion like she did, don’t survive long?  I honestly don’t know if that is a true statement.  I also don’t know how many abortion attempts end up in the birth of the child.  But the fact is – she DID survive!  She is an example of a life in a womb, that survived an attempt to kill her.

It’s not a comfortable topic, I know.  But ignoring it any longer, IS taking a stance.  It’s saying that the life of someone else doesn’t matter, in comparison to my comfort…  We can’t ignore it any longer.  We have to discuss.  We have to…

I would ask, anyone who wants to discuss, please reach out to me.  I’m not that smart.  I’m certainly no expert in this topic.  So if you can educate me in ways where I have this wrong, I’d love to hear it.  Or maybe I can educate you?  We won’t know until we try.  I will not attack you personally, if we disagree.  Even if you attack me, I won’t attack you.  But I do encourage you that it would be GOOD for us to talk about it.  Don’t shut out those who don’t agree with you.

And if you DO agree with me – I still encourage you to reach out.  Maybe you have resources you can point me to, where I can get plugged in.  I don’t think God will just let me sit idle on this.

I’m getting off the fence.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s scary.  It’s inevitable…

Love This!!!

My daughter turned me on to these re-workings of popular songs, in various styles of music.  Some songs I would never listen to, I actually LOVE in this realm.  Great styling, very creative, and the singers are pretty darn good.

But THIS one took the cake for me.  You’ll see why.  Enjoy!!!