Off the Fence…

There is no fence we can sit on, with this issue.  There is no, “I’m not FOR abortion, but I don’t have the right to tell someone else”.  Yes you do.  You don’t have the right to STOP them, sure.  But you DO have the right to say something.  To talk about it.  Heck – you even have the right to do so without any decorum or respect for a person who may disagree with you – though, I don’t advise or condone that approach.

I am pro-life.  I am FOR life.  I am anti-abortion, as I recognize a baby in the womb is still a baby.  It’s a human being.  I am pro-human life.  No, it does not end with the birth of the child – I am pro life throughout human life.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers to questions like, “Who will adopt that baby”, or “Who will help the mother pay for her pregnancy and delivery”.  But if someone wants to talk about that, I’m certainly happy to come up with ideas.  Others have, if even on a small scale.  I know of a pastor in Arizona, who’s congregation has helped pay for hospital stays, the delivery of the child – even the needs of the child and mother for a time, in lieu of an abortion decision – HECK, even so far as ADOPTION of the child!  I know this happens elsewhere-  probably even in my own back yard.  Two things.

  1.  I need to FIND and support, or help start, something like this in my back yard.  I cannot be idle about this any longer.  No, this doesn’t mean militant, hate-filled speech, attacking other human beings.  I don’t condone that in any form.  But, speaking the truth is NOT attacking someone.  If this child in the womb is a human being, then I’m sorry, it’s murder.  It’s not hate speech to say that, it’s coming to a conclusion, one that many, sadly, just don’t want to entertain.  Some, because they are pro-abortion.  Some, like me, because they are afraid….
  2. Overall, we are fooling ourselves, no matter where we stand on this issue, if we think we can ride the fence.  We can’t.  There is no fence.  If these babies in the womb are humans, then this is the largest form of genocide in recorded human history.  Am I ok with that?

Please don’t get caught up in the last part of a statement like “If this child in the womb is a human being, then it’s murder”, and let the term “murder” throw you, or shut the conversation down, no matter what you think about this topic.  It’s a complete statement, with an if/then in there.  If I’m wrong, and this child is not a human being, then the conclusion at the end of the statement is a false one.  But IF that child is a living human being, we cannot make any other conclusion up.  Don’t ignore the first part of that statement, for fear of coming to a conclusion you may not like…

This is a very interesting article, articulating what abortion survivor Gianna Jessen said before congress recently, with regards to the investigations into Planned Parenthood.  Please read in it’s entirety.

I’ve also included the video of her speech, in this post.  I know she is probably an “extreme case”?  In that many children who survive an abortion like she did, don’t survive long?  I honestly don’t know if that is a true statement.  I also don’t know how many abortion attempts end up in the birth of the child.  But the fact is – she DID survive!  She is an example of a life in a womb, that survived an attempt to kill her.

It’s not a comfortable topic, I know.  But ignoring it any longer, IS taking a stance.  It’s saying that the life of someone else doesn’t matter, in comparison to my comfort…  We can’t ignore it any longer.  We have to discuss.  We have to…

I would ask, anyone who wants to discuss, please reach out to me.  I’m not that smart.  I’m certainly no expert in this topic.  So if you can educate me in ways where I have this wrong, I’d love to hear it.  Or maybe I can educate you?  We won’t know until we try.  I will not attack you personally, if we disagree.  Even if you attack me, I won’t attack you.  But I do encourage you that it would be GOOD for us to talk about it.  Don’t shut out those who don’t agree with you.

And if you DO agree with me – I still encourage you to reach out.  Maybe you have resources you can point me to, where I can get plugged in.  I don’t think God will just let me sit idle on this.

I’m getting off the fence.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s scary.  It’s inevitable…


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